The Britain Potential – Jim Cowan


To see the world as it is – and as it could be – are essential to reform

In the current air of political turmoil, this book will make you want to reengage with Britain, especially its politics, beyond the Westminster bubble.

Politicians and political parties trot out lists of what needs doing with regard to the NHS, increased violence, poverty, and homelessness. Whereas what this book does is provide a proper look at our public services and shows how they really can work a lot better.

The Britain Potential delves into the underlying surface, the space occupied within the cracks of Britain’s shifting political centre of gravity.

How used are you to feeling so detached from political reality, or more notably the truth? It can feel indecipherable between honesty and the alternative through the filter of our media, or even the politicians themselves.

‘Each time humanity has developed a more advanced consciousness we have changed how we do things, the kinds of organisations we have, and how government operates.’

The Britain Potential pieces together a politics that is neither left nor right, is not of division and polarisation but is about integration, balance, and unity. It offers an entirely fresh and genuinely humanistic vision of actual developments; historical and the more contemporary.

All the stories told in The Britain Potential are a catalyst for change, for knowledge, and an insight into understanding politics as a necessity in daily life. It is an opportunity in hope that it will trigger national political conversation for the people new to it, or harnessing the opinions of those in pre-aware political spheres, the politically homeless, leaders and activists, public servants, business, or merely those dissatisfied with life in Britain today.

It is a book that drives for the national need, to come together and talk about the remedies which will be best effective moving forward.

Where are we as a country? Whatever your answer, it begins with where you see yourself, what is your potential, and how will Britain help you reach it? Can it in its current state? Here this book educates us on our own self-discovery, and what that can mean for the wider population when we construct a politics that connects and supports our lives.

“I caught a radio programme recently that was talking about how, as humans, we are always reflecting on and reassessing where we are… each of us takes stock of the decisions we have taken and were it has got us, and we can change our minds as we reassess. The Britain Potential is a magnificent tool for anyone in Britain to take stock of where we have come to, and how we could be part of changing where we go. In the case of politics, to completely reassess the whole thing using the very different and encouraging narrative from the book.”
Author, Jim Cowan speaking about his book, The Britain Potential

Britain has enormous potential, but is it falling second-place to self-interest and petty disagreement?


The Author Jim Cowan writes, “I have written the book because the humanity has been draining out of Britain. The book amounts to a new kind of political manifesto: one based on a shared humanity. Readers will discover they are playing a part in this change.”

“…. we are not problems waiting to be solved, but potential waiting to unfold”.

For more information on the opinions and thought-process behind this book, take a look at The political party Renew, who feature The Britain Potential in an article, How Capitalism Might Evolve in the 21st Century, where author Jim Cowan describes how a change in consciousness might help heal a divided society, linked here: https://www.renewparty.org.uk/how_capitalism_might_evolve

The Britain Potential: a politics inspired by a new stage of human consciousness, is available on Amazon.

Paperback edition: £14.99

About the Author

Jim Cowan has been advocating for political and social change in Britain for over 40 years. He has taken this focus with him throughout all areas of his life.

Jim has been able to encompass many different roles in his work within community development, and this has been as the very heart of his life from the early 1970s until 2012. Since then he has meticulously researched what has been, and is, happening across Britain.

Including a PHD, Jim has achieved the accolade of five social science degrees. Presently, he is an honorary research fellow.

Jim’s personal life has seen him practice a socially engaged form of Buddhism for many years, enabling him to develop his connected feeling to consciousness more vividly and ultimately realise a greater extent of what his potential can provide him and others.



  • Marijke Acket

    How can I get a review copy of Jim Cowan’s book The Britain Potential?

  • admin

    Thanks for your interest, Marijke. I'm afraid that we longer have review copies of Jim's book available. However, it is available for purchase from Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/Britain-Potential-politics-inspired-consciousness/dp/1911593404