The Boy and the Pebble – Sean Salter

“What a lovely story, and beautifully illustrated. I love it, and am waiting for the sequel now.”Jo Ralph


How many times have you walked along a beach and wanted to find something special? Treasure perhaps, or maybe something magical? This is the story about a young boy, called Tom, who does find something magical on a beach. He is amazed by a beautiful pebble lying in the sand so he picks it up and holds it tight. Something truly wonderful then happens and an incredible adventure begins.

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About the Author

The Boy & the Pebble was written by Sean Salter, aged 9 years, and illustrated by his father, Edward Salter. This Father and Son production was done after Sean received a special award for writing the story, from the Headmistress at Oatlands School in Surrey. It seemed a good idea to share the story with other children beyond the school boundaries. Since then Sean continues to write, and whilst most of his work is for school, he finds time in his busy schedule to write at home. His imagination is considerable. He is writing on new stories involving Tom, and likes dreaming of the character in lots of adventures. The stories are written first and once the drawing gets underway they are made more exciting as his creativity and imagination flows.

“What a lovely little book! Shall buy copies for all the little ones in the family. Easy to read and the story and illustrations are amazing!”JLS