Two Spooky Paranormal Tales from Wales – Michael Christopher Carter


Could the truth kill them all?

“Complete heartstopper”Leafylea

When struggling dad, David Webb, survives a vicious attack from an unknown creature in the woods, his fears swiftly turn to his flirty neighbour whom he believes might not have been so fortunate.
Calling the police only serves to place him firmly at the top of their list of suspects when she fails to turn up safe and well. Left to rot in jail, his only hope is his delinquent younger brother.

But as they get closer to uncovering the truth about the beast in the forest, they unleash a danger far darker: a menace which threatens everyone they hold dear.

Can anything save them from the Beast of Benfro?


“Usually I like a lot more critter kibble in my creature features. But the cast of characters Carter gives us bring wit and a dark humor to the story. His plot and it’s twist kept me reading despite an anemic flow of blood.” David S

Excerpt from The Beast of Benfro

The break of early dawn offered the only illumination as the bone china cup was placed on its usual tray.  Why was making the morning tea always his job, Beau wondered as he waited for the water in the kettle to stop bubbling?

“You have to get up anyway to take your angina pills,” Judy had defended on the one occasion he’d voiced his disquiet.  Today he sufficed with muttering how unfair it was that he never got to stay in bed.  It might be true, but surely she could empty a couple of pills into a beaker and fetch a glass of water occasionally?  Maybe after two heart attacks a bloddy lie-in might be just the medicine he needed.  Wasn’t it the third that killed you?

Awakening the resentment fossilised over fifty years of marriage, Beau tipped the boiling water with too much acid verve, splashing a scolding punishment on his bare legs protruding from his too short, washed-up dressing gown (or housecoat as he insisted on calling it.”

“Damn!” he cried adding a few expletives under his breath as he shuffled to the sink to dab at the burn with a cold wet tea-towel.  Still cursing Judy – this burn was her fault – he stopped dead, mid-dab, to stare through the window.

“What the…”

Dropping the towel, he hurried to the back door, its larger pane offording a better view of the garden.  Heart pounding, Beau rotated the key, wincing that the click might scare it away as the latch drew back, despite his careful turning.

The creature remained, large as life at the bottom of his long garden.  It definitely wasn’t a dog, but it was far too big to be a cat.  It was, wasn’t it?  A bloody panther in his garden.  Bloddy Hell’s bells!

Turning the handle with equal care and equal volume to the clicking latch, the squeaking seemed never-ending as Beau tried desperately to be stealthy.

Whatever brought the panther onto his land had its full attention.  Beau’s wide eyes took it all in.  A rush of fear bubbled through him; at what?  Was he worried he would scare it away?  Shaking his head, a wry smile played on his lips, dry with incredulity that he was able to stand with the door wide open without it caring.

Glancing around the shelves of his kitchen, he cursed Judy.  “Where’s that stupd cow put my camera?  Why can’t she ever leave anything in one sodding place?” he hissed.  Camera-less, he stepped gingerly onto the slabs outside.  Look at that!  I’ll never get this chance again!

Oblivious to his presence, Beau watched, eyes wide in the half-light as the big cat slunk forward.  “Oh my god!  He’s gonna pounce!” Beau bobbed on his toes barely containing a scream of glee.

As the beast pawed ahead, Beau strained from his place by the house unwilling to risk scaring away this marvel with a foot on the gravel.  “Fuck it,” he sighed.  “I’ll miss it if I don;t move.”  As his slipper crunched, the beast flew forward.  What was his prey?  A rabbit?

The big cat was almost out of sight so Beau scurried across the gravel to keep it in view as long as possible.  If that bitch hadn’t hidden his camera…

His sudden scream was involuntary.

“Oh my god!  Oh my god, no!” he cried, scurrying away from that which now filled his disbelieving view.

Beau scuttled backwards across the drive, never letting it out of his sight for a second.

Back to the house.

Back to safety.

Stumbling over his slippered feet, he had to get indoors, he had to.  Thump-thump-thump his heart fought him ti reach the house first, but in its rush it would stop them both.

Thump.  Thump.  Thuuummmp.

Beau clutched his chest.  The pain shot down his arm as he fell to one knee.  His gargoyle face stared in disbelief as the creature thudded towards him.  It must have followed the panther.  He should have stayed inside.

That was the last thought Beau ever had.

With a final grimace, he collapsed in a convulsing heap mere feet from his kitchen door until his limpbody lay still and unresponsive – even to the mighty poke it received from the monstrous, hair-covered finger as it thrust into his chest again and again.


“Absolutely brilliant! I lost sleep reading this could not put it down. Meh sleep is over rated”V Heasman

What if a seemingly harmless choice could
take away everything you love the most?

“Well written and captivating”Nadine M Hunt

When Matthew Morrissey takes an innocent stroll to his local convenience store to buy batteries for his daughter’s Christmas present, he doesn’t know it will change his life forever.  But, when he returns home, everything has changes.   There are strangers in his home, his neighbours deny ever knowing him and he ends up attracting the attention of Bristol’s finest.

Matthew has a theory about what is happening to him and who is to blame.  But first, he has to escape.

Can he solve the mystery and save his family, or has he lost them forever?


“What a wonderful story line, twisty and tricky. Requires reader to go into the story, but that’s not a bad place to be!”sumoma4

From Destructive Interference: The Devastation of Matthew Morrisey

For every decision we make, the alternative choice is lived out in a parallel reality.  When the decisions are small, the realities quickly merge again, but more weighty decisions lead to a totally new reality existing at an entirely different frequency.

Sometimes, these frequencies fleetingly merge with unpredictable consequences.

When life in one reality is at a high, whilst life in another is at a low, the effects can be devastating.

This is destructive interference.


“This is an incredible story, full of reality, crossed paths and if only’s.”Marilyn Rayner

About the Author

Michael is the author of several novels including the number one bestseller “An Extraordinary Haunting,” and “The HUM”.  Prior to beginning his life as an author in 2013, Michael was a success in the world of direct sales where he ran a number of businesses including a conservatory design and build company, and coordinated a several hundred-strong army of water filter salespeople! The illness of a family member prompted Michael to investigate a spiritual path where, from Catholic roots, he diversified to qualify as a Reiki Master in 1999 before moving with his family from Cambridge to the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in South West Wales.  It’s from this unique standpoint and incredible scenery that Michael is inspired to write today.

“I have always wanted to be a writer and flirted with the idea, buying a word processor and beginning a number of manuscripts, with very little idea how to actually write a book. When I turned forty something polarised within me, or I just stumbled upon the right advice, and I found the whole thing immensely enjoyable.”Michael Christopher Carter


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