The Armour of Light – Andrew Webb


“Deeply unsettling yet profoundly original imagery.” – N. A. Edwards



After being subjected to a horrific haunting in a new home, most of us would run screaming, but author, Andrew Webb, used it as inspiration for a thrilling novel of possession and ghosts.



“We were very pleased to be able to secure the rights to this,” said Sarah Luddington, Mirador Publishing’s Commissioning Editor.  “Too many so-called horror stories these days fall into the familiar patterns and the only mystery is in which order will the teenagers die.  Andrew has brought the genre back to where it belongs, true horror.”

A young family moves into a new home on the Hampshire border, completely unaware of what had stood there years before.  Their lives soon erupt into a fireball of hauntings.



“I want to begin as I usually do by praying for the armour of light. When I do this I pray that the Lord God will provide us with an invisible barrier of light that surrounds our whole body from head to foot. No spirit or entity can touch or push us in any way so we are totally protected. We must also open all the windows in every room so that when the spirits are ejected they can escape through an open window. If there is no other way for them to escape, they have been known to smash windows to find an escape route.”

Holmwood said a short prayer asking for the whole home to be cleansed of all demonic evil and for all the spirits to leave. They prayed in every room, opening every window, asking every spirit to look to the light. Steve was expecting some dramatic reaction as they moved from the lounge to the kitchen, then to the bathroom and hallway until they came to the smallest bedroom. This was the high spot of the evening. “The bedrooms are the worst areas where we get all the problems,” said Steve in a relieved tone of voice. “They have

stayed untouched and un-entered over the past few weeks.” Holmwood gripped the door knob firmly and gave the door a very strong push. A harsh, deathly, cold breeze came from the pitch black room. As the two of them entered one behind the other, Steve suddenly yelled, “Aaaaarrrrrggggg! Something had just gone past me at walking speed that felt like massive voltage electricity!” Holmwood replied, “I felt it as well and I saw a young girl in a long Victorian dress make her way through that internal wall.”

“I’ve just felt four fingers on my shoulder,” said Steve. They opened the window and prayed for five minutes. They then left and made their way to the main big bedroom. As they stood by the doorway, their hearts began to pound as they realized that anything could be in the next room. Suddenly, Holmwood once again grabbed the door handle and tried with his full strength to open it.

“It just won’t turn but it feels that something the other side is holding it fast and stopping it from turning.” Steve quickly chimed in, “All right, Dave, give it here and I’ll sort it out.” He thought of something that usually made him angry to give him the aggressive energy that he needed. As he gritted his teeth he gave an enormous roar and turned the knob slowly, then tried to push the door open until Holmwood stepped forward and pushed against the door with all his might. Between them they gradually pushed open the door as though it had a ton of iron behind it. As the two of them looked into the room, Holmwood made the first step only to cry out, “I can’t go in! It’s pushing me back. I’ll have to go down on my hands and knees to crawl in.” As both of them made their way to the end of the bed they had a long struggle to stand on their feet again. He saw by the wardrobe the angelic being wearing its usual black gown with white slits in its head. It looked two dimensional.

Holmwood stood up with Steve’s aid and shouted with his right finger pointing, his arm fully stretched, “In the blood of the Lord God I command you to leave this family’s home. You are the servants of Satan and in the name of God I command you to be banished from this home.” The figure remained and did not move. It was defiant as Steve gripped Holmwood’s shoulder.

“In the blood of Christ I command you to go.”

Suddenly out of the darkness of the room was hurled their large brass alarm clock.

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About the Author

In 1991 Andrew Webb and his new wife prepared to move into their new home, totally unaware of the horrors that awaited them.  What followed was a terrifying ordeal of ghosts and strange happenings.  Twenty-five years later Andrew used that terror as inspiration for his debut novel, The Armour of Light.  The book’s plot closely follows Andrew’s own experiences and it is this element of reality which makes it all the more frightening.

Like most of us, Andrew had never given a great deal of thought to the possibility of ghosts or spiritual possession.  Then in one night all that changed, and for the next fifteen years he and his wife endured a succession of hauntings and apparitions.  Like the famous Enfield Haunting some years earlier, things started slowly, firstly with an inexplicable and prolonged power cut, then strange noises.  After enduring weeks of this, things suddenly escalated into the most terrifying ordeal when one night whilst settling for sleep, a black cloud appeared in their room.  A few days later an apparition of an elderly man appeared.

We set out to investigate the history of the house in a little more depth,” said Andrew.  “What we discovered was quite shocking.  It seems that a doctor’s house had once stood on the spot and had been used by an occultist group to commune with the dead.”

Although primarily a work of fiction, The Armour of Light follows the themes of Andrew’s own experiences.