The Adventures of Jilly and June – Denise Drew


Imagine living in a house that can take you wherever you wanted to go…

Jilly and her mother, June, live in their house.  Not any old house but a magical, flying house by the sea.  The house has many floors and Jilly has the attic floor all to herself, where she peeps out of the top window and secretly spies on the neighbours and passers-by.  Their Ivory Tower, as June calls it and she is very house proud.  They share their house with Jimmy, their ginger cat, who spends most of the time fast asleep and chasing mice!

When, at times, life can be a bit boring or humdrum, they weigh anchor, set sail in their magical house and off they go on an adventure.

Where do they go?

Well, that just depends on what, or where, takes their fancy.

Be it close to home or to a land far, far away, it is an adventure all the same.

Join them and read what happens when…

…they arrive at the Forbidden City and meet the Emperor of China

“My daughter LOVED this book, read it in 2 sittings.  She can’t wait to start your next book.  I would definitely recommend this.” – Michelle Shimmo

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… they arrive at the Taj Mahal and end up Bollywood dancing

“Bought this book for my daughter, she loved it.  Very funny.”D Taubman

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… they arrive at the Kremlin and join the Cossack dancers

“This is the 3rd book we got our granddaughters, they love them and can’t wait for more from this author”Susan Dawber

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About the author

Denise Drew was born in Liverpool, UK in 1970.  She has raised her daughter as a single parent, since her daughter was two years old.  Never deterred by being a one-parent family, Denise worked full time, provided a loving home, and continued life in a strong and positive light.

As a small family they were lucky enough to have holidays every year and this led Denise to dream of writing adventure stories about her and her daughter travelling the world.

Denise would say that she would love to pick up her house and take it on holiday with her, so they could have their home comforts.  What an idea!  A flying house!  A magical house with sails, that flies them to wherever takes their fancy!

Excerpt from Jilly & June in India

It started to rain, and boy, did it rain.  The house rattled and shuddered with every heavy rain drop that hit their home.  Thunder roared and lightening struck.  Jilly and June were beginning to get nervous.  Is there such a thing as a ‘house wreck’?

“Count the seconds that pass between the lightening and thunder,” shouts June.

“Why?” asks Jilly.

“It measures how far the storm is away from us.”

They both started to count the seconds between the flash of lightening and the crack of thunder.  Thankfully, the time increased, and they both knew that the storm was beginning to pass.  They could hear the sound of seagulls and sighed with relief.  They were grateful that no lightening had struck the house.

“I love our adventures,” saidJune.  “But at times,” she added, “I do worry about our safety.”

The dark clouds parted and rays of sunshine shone out.  June checked their position.

“You were right Jully.  The storm has quickened our journey and we should be in India much sooner than we thought,” said June.

The Indian countryside came into view and the house began to descend.  June pointed to a railway line and, further down the track, an oncoming train.  As June had mentioned, the train was vastly overcrowded with passengers holding onto the side of the carriages and sitting on the top.

“This type of travel is not for the faint hearted,” suggested June.

“We’ll stick to the house,” replied Jilly, as the train passed them by to its destination.