The Adventures of Bella and Emily – Michelle Holland


Heartwarming and uplifting” – L.J.Tenzin-dolma

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Emily Pope is thirteen years old and lives near the South Downs, UK.

Ever since she can remember she has dreamt of owning her own pony. The pony will be her best friend and they will share many adventures together.

Emily’s parents think she is too young for the responsibility of owning a pony and needs to gain more experience before they will consider it. So the adventure begins.

Emily starts work at the nearby riding stables, works hard and learns everything she can.

Will her parents relent when they see how single minded she is?

Will Emily find her dream pony?

This story will touch the heart of any child who loves ponies and take them on a delightful journey. There will be tears, laughter and joy along the way.

50% of any profit from the sale of this book will be donated to animal rescue charities and animal rescue organisations

“I think this book deserves this five star rating as it’s so down to earth enjoyable. I’ve never been a horsey person but this tale really has sparked my interest & opened up an unknown pony world already loved by many. I would recommend it for any youngster, just to show how hard work can make dreams come true.” – Dee

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Today I rush home from school in record time. Mum is driving me to the local saddlery so I can buy some jodhpurs, a riding hat, and long rid­ing boots. My birthday was back in August and I had asked my family members if they would mind giving me money instead of presents. Thankfully they had all agreed, and today I can have a great time spending it.

It’s a dismal Friday afternoon in October. I do like Friday’s as it is the last day of the school week. Mum and I arrive back home from the saddlery and now I need to get my homework out of the way as quickly as possible so I can start to get ready for my very first day at the riding school.

Every week over the last two years I have helped with the house­hold chores to earn my pocket money. My least favourite jobs are washing up and vacuuming but I never moan as it enables me to buy the items I need on my ‘wish list’ and these are stacking up very nicely in my bedroom cupboard.

I check through my items again, I have a complete grooming kit, a head collar, and a riding whip. “Wow, not bad,” I say to nobody in particular. The money I have left over after my trips to the saddlery, sits in my water bucket, which is hidden safely at the bottom of my wardrobe. I can’t help smiling. My money is nicely adding up. I have set myself a target, I need to save £900 for my dream pony.

Pony posters and my own drawings cover my bedroom walls. I love art, writing poetry, and lying on my bed doodling which isn’t as often as I would like. I always seem to be busy doing one thing or another.

A brilliant idea has just popped into my head. I’m going to sur­prise Mum and Dad with a mini fashion parade wearing my new riding school outfit I bought earlier. I giggle as I pull on my jodhpurs, boots, polo neck jumper and add the final touch with my riding hat. I gallop down the hallway heading towards the lounge, I love the noise my whip makes smacking against my boots. My lips make a clicking sound as I go.

Whoopee, this is fun.

I’m really not sure how it happens, (maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m not used to wearing long riding boots, and I know for sure there was nothing left lying in the hallway) but suddenly I’m tumbling forwards, I desperately try to grab hold of something, anything at all to stop me from falling and landing flat on my face but I still seem to be gathering momentum and crash through the lounge door, landing in a sprawled heap on the floor right in front of Mum and Dad.

To say they look astonished is an understatement. They sit for quite a few seconds before Dad suddenly bursts out laughing. Mum looks across at him, she cannot contain herself either and joins in too. Both of them just lose it. Mum has tears running down her face. Dad is laughing so much he is now having a coughing fit. It certainly wasn’t what they were expecting to see as they were quietly watching television. I am mortified, but seeing them laugh so much, I can’t help but join in. The giggles are so contagious and get out of hand. Eventually, I drag myself up and hobble back to my bedroom to get changed. I can still hear Mum and Dad laughing away in the distance.

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that my grin is adorable and it makes me look very cheeky. I totally agree as I look at myself up and down in the mirror.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending nearly all day with ponies. The thought of this is making my tummy jump. I just know I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight, I’m just so excited.

Putting everything neatly away, I climb into my favourite printed pony PJ’s, jump into bed and instead of counting sheep I count dun coloured ponies jumping over cross-country fences. 78, 79, 80.

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This book is truly inspirational. It tells the wonderful story of teenager Emily and her pony Bella. Just as in true life there are ups and there are downs, thrills and spills, laughter and tears, but ultimately this tale demonstrates that with hard work and dedication dreams really can come true. A must for all animal lovers, particularly young girls who love ponies and horses. I loved it!” – Lindy Loo



Michelle Holland became passionate about pony rescue after taking on a neglected New Forest pony 24 years ago, who she called Bella.  Her heart was touched by the transformation that took place over a one year period when, after some hard work and understanding, Bella turned into a healthy & trusting pony.

In 1995, Michelle opened a sanctuary for New Forest ponies and successfully saved and rehomed nearly 60 over a five year period, raising over £80,000 per year to keep things running.  She had a rota of over 30 volunteer helpers and between them, with lots of patience and loving care, they helped many wild mares, difficult ponies and sick and young foals who had been taken from their homes too soon.

Michelle adopted a six month old rescue dog called Jasper in 2012.  Jasper suffered with severe fear aggression after being shut up in a kitchen and abused previously.  Three months after taking Jasper on, Michelle and her partner, Hayley, met the founder of Helping Paws, Karen Lippitt.  In less than 5 years since that time, they have together raised an amazing £195,000, raising £11,000 last year alone.  This money goes towards neutering and spaying schemes as well as supporting sanctuaries in Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and wherever else they are needed.  It also helps fund bringing dogs to ‘forever’ homes in the UK from Portugal and Spain.

Now a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist Practitioner, Michelle runs a company called Inside a Dog’s Mind (https://www.insideadogsmind.co.uk), which helps dogs and their owners who are trying to deal with behavioural problems.  This is an occupation which she finds incredibly rewarding and absolutely loves.  She has also owned a cleaning company, https://timeforyou.cleaning/uk/home-cleaning/brighton, for 16 years and still works there full time.

Michelle has suffered from fibromyalgia for the past 5 years, as well as having arthritis in her neck so sadly her days of giving hands-on help to horses and ponies are over.  This is why she has chosen to donate 50% of the profit from the sales of her book to the 5 organisations listed below.

Signed copies of the book can be obtained from the author at  www.michelleholland.co.uk

Organisations who will benefit in a share of 50% of the profit from the sale of the book:






What a fantastic inspirational read. I bought it to read myself but now buying a paperback for my daughter who Is an 8 year old with big horsey dreams.” – Stacey Boxall

I got this book for my wife she loved this story and read it in two days.” – John Northfield

Wonderful book a must read especially if you love your horses as I do.” – Colin V Jenkins

Bought it! It came in the post at 9:00 this morning and I have finished it already! It was amazing and I finished it in one sitting! Amazing book credits to the author!” – Neve Butcher 

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