That’s what eh’m talkin’ aboot – @TeckleBooks


Allow us to introduce the wonderful Teckle Books! They have a mission which isn’t to reinvent the wheel. Their goal is to make people laugh. A very honorable endeavor.

Teckle Books feel that literature doesn’t need to be serious and pretentious to be enjoyable. After all Shakespeare wrote comedies as well as tragedies, didn’t he?

There is a need for books that make us laugh. Yeah, they can make us cry, think and question the world as well, but comedy is an art form in itself and they want to discover and nurture writers with the ability to leave readers doubled over with laughter.

An important point of principle is that they believe the reader nor the writer should be ripped off. None of their publications will ever appear in prohibitively expensive hardback format just to wring a few more quid out of loyal customers (should they ever get any) and all ther books will be priced to ensure inclusivity while properly rewarding authors for their hard work and creativity.


“This is probably one of the best books I’ve never even looked at but have been asked to provide a cover quote for.”

Simon Donald, co-founder of ViZ.

Two men. One Dream. No Clue

Andy Brennan feels fate dealt him a bad hand. Trapped in a job he hates, he can pinpoint exactly where things began to go wrong. It was when Melody Maker closed down. When Andy’s father suddenly dies of a lifelong Scottish diet, his grieving son decides it’s time to make his mark on the world and create his own musical utopia.


“Boundlessly imaginative, gleefully silly, occasionally nightmarish and always inventively filthy, The Tartan Special One is by some distance coverthe funniest book I’ve read in years.”
Christopher Brookmyre.

Lloyd George dreams of playing for his beloved Manchester United and lapping up the adulation of millions of fans across the globe.

So when Dundee FC chairman Bob McCracken, a man of vision, ambition and moderately priced suits, offers Lloyd the chance to play his part in restoring the once-proud club to its rightful place in Scottish football, the shy 17-year-old sees it as a stepping stone to bigger things.

Look out for interviews from the authors and more information about Teckle Books.