Sunshine in Neverland – Moira Darling


“Deep within the soul of each individual, treasures of wisdom reside patiently waiting to be discovered, connected with and set free.” – Moira Darling


Screen_Shot_2016-08-31_at_00.38.48Do you sometimes feel that there is something missing in your life even though you seem to have everything? Or sometimes feel that you are going around in circles, looking for an answer when the question isn’t even clear to you? Do wonder what life is all about and why things are not going well for you?

Moira Darling has been there, done that, and worn the teeshirt! She was lost, going round in never-ending circles, sad, sick and exhausted from living this painful way until she connected with her true spirit and tuned into her own life lessons. Her transformation to a place of self-love and healing eventually began, bringing with it her genuine gift of intuition, compassion and kindness to help others find their own answers

This book may be just what you are looking for, a real life story of ups and downs and how to build emotional strength and grow spiritually from all that life throws at you.

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Author Bio

Moira DarlingScottish born Moira Darling has been teaching and empowering people since her transformational awakening seventeen years ago. Her unique down-to-earth, common sense approach to spirituality and empowerment along with a natural intuitive gift to translate and clarify energies has changed the lives of thousands of people over the years.  After spending a number of years in Canada, Moira has recently returned to Scotland but continues to travel extensively bringing her straightforward no nonsense clarity to the world. This is Moira’s first book and the story of her own transformational process that anyone who reads cannot fail to identify and learn from.


“We can read self-help books, meditate, talk about awareness and the meaning of life, endlessly searching for answers as we attempt to heal separation and fragmentation in our lives. But by simply acknowledging truthfully our own unique experiences and letting go of painful judgemental stories, we can strengthen our individual inner power and a deeper connection to Universal intelligence is able to transpire, bringing to us more overall clarity, wholeness, healing and peace.” – Moira Darling

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