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At Publishing Push our goal is to make your dream of becoming a professionally published author come true. Here on the wall of love, you will see testimonials from authors who have achieved their dream of becoming a published author.

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A huge thank you to all the team at Publishing Push. You have made my first publication so easy. I knew nothing about publishing a book and you have guided me through every step of the way. I am so proud of the outcome. Thank you so much I am such a proud author.


Laura Bird, 10 10 10

About Us

You’ve slaved away for months and years to produce your book. You want a publishing company that will give your manuscript the care and attention it deserves. Our goal is to help you professionally self-publish. The book we produce for you will be to the highest standard, available globally and indistinguishable from something produced by a Harper Collins or Penguin Random House.


We saw a problem in the publishing market. Authors would chase agents and publishers for years often to be rejected because the publisher “wasn’t actively purchasing in their niche at the moment” or their book “didn’t quite fit our current criteria.” Even if they did secure a deal they would then have to wait years again to see their book on the shelves. On top of this they would have to hand over often as much as 80% of their royalties.


Hybrid publishing emerged and this troubled us again. Authors had to hand over a fee AND give away often as much as 75% of their royalties. These publishers like the traditional model would tie the author into contracts, control their royalties and retain ownership of their copyright.

In 2014 Publishing Push founder Patrick Walsh said enough. There had to be a better way and that is what led him to build Publishing Push.


Publishing Push is a self-publishing company that truly serves authors. We make sure your book has all the same distribution you would expect from a traditional big 5 publisher. We give you a dashboard so you can monitor your sales and we pay you directly. You keep ownership of your copyright and you keep 100% of your NET royalties. Amazon and other retailers still take a slice of course.


We have now helped over 3,000 writers from over 15 countries around the world professionally self-publish their books. They have fulfilled a life long ambition to become a published author and to have readers around the world enjoy their writing.

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