Stop Failing and Start Losing Weight! by Carl Harris – @freshplan


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The Freshplan will change your life for ever! 85% of people fail when they start a diet, This book will show you how to break the cycle of failure and take you on a journey from despair to happiness.

This book describes one man’s journey to better health with a diet that works for everyone. No secrets, no huge expense to reach a desired weight, Carl Harris is a self-confessed failed dieter who has struggled for years with diets that never seem to work. In the Freshplan Diet, Carl explains why our brains are hard-wired to fail at diets and how dieters can overcome these obstacles.

Carl’s advice is hard won and from the heart and the Freshplan Diet will boost the dieter’s life in many ways with more energy, a healthier lifestyle and a desire to stay thin the easy way.

Everything is possible, is Carl’s message, and the Freshplan Diet is the first step on the road to personal achievement and better living.

This book will open your eyes, everything you think you know about food, nutrition and dieting is probably wrong! This is the road map to success and to being the person you have always wanted to be!

Biography of Carl Harris

Having suffered serious health and battled weight issues for 20 years Carl Harris laid in a hospital bed, having suffered a second blood clot in his lungs (pulmonary embolism) at the age of 42 he decided to change his life. The choice was simple, change his life now or die young!

The blood clots were caused by an addiction to Diet Coke and a unhealthy diet (and lifestyle).

The change since making that pledge to himself has been nothing short of miraculous. He has lost in excess of 60 pounds (over 4 stone) in weight and is in exceptionally good health. TheFreshplan is a result of 3 years of research, putting everything in to practice.

Carl Harris is not a Doctor, Scientist or Psychiatrist, but he has achieved real success. 85% of dieters fail and actually end up heavier than when they started. The Freshplan is a blueprint for anyone who wants to lose weight and cant! It is easier than you think to lose weight and stay thin for life.

“I found this book really easy to follow and a refreshing approach. I was amazed how much I thought I knew was completely wrong! I am losing weight and it is really easy. This is a thoroughly good book that is great value for money and one of the few books of this kind that actually delivers what it promises.” 

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.