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Shakespeare's Revelation_Cover“This is a brilliant gem of metaphorical spiritual connections between William Shakespeare and Spiritual Psychology. Hunting’s masterful, witty exegesis of Shakespeare and the Bible demonstrates how his plays are devoted to one thing—to remind us of our true spiritual nature as a loving soul.”H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., President University of Santa Monica

This year, the fourth centenary of Shakespeare’s death, Spiritual Psychologist and leadership coach, Paul Hunting brings us a unique and truly fascinating perspective on his works.

Taking a radical, spiritual viewpoint, Paul has uncovered a vast, never before seen hoard of priceless treasures hidden in the intricate symbology of Shakespeare’s verse to uncover the secret truth hidden in his plays.

In this astonishing (and sometimes shocking) book, Paul, shows what we can learn about unlocking our soul if we regard Shakespeare as a spiritual master, and respect his works as a teacher comparable to that of Jesus Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, Krishna, and all enlightened masters.

In redefining Shakespeare and his works from a soul-centred perspective, we may also need to redefine the scriptures, and our assumptions about who we really are, why we are here, and how we can fulfil our spiritual destiny.

A short interview with the author discussing his fascinating findings is available here

“So interesting. Thanks for parting the curtain.”Cirelle Raphalian

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Author Bio

Paul Hunting_photoSince graduating from Bristol University in psychology, Paul has devoted the past 35 years to pioneering soul-centred coaching and leadership development. He soon discovered a rare talent for using intuition, metaphor, and symbology to enable clients to clear deep unconscious blocks to success. This led him to originate ‘horsejoy’, his unique programme of ‘Horse- assisted Transformation’.

His first paradigm-busting book, ‘Why talk to a guru? When you can whisper to a horse: the art of authentic leadership’ has earned him a world-wide reputation as a facilitator, trainer and thought-leader.

His passion for writing about symbology and practical spirituality guided him through the minefield of misunderstood biblical symbologies to his second book, Original Heresy: the light behind the shadows in the Bible.

He has spent this last year uncovering the secrets in Shakespeare’s plays hidden in the symbology of his verse. ‘Shakespeare’s Revelation’ will be released in 2016 to coincide with the 4th centenary.

Paul is married with five horses, eight chickens, and a cat. He lives near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.

“Absolutely fascinating.”Paul Kaye, D.S.S., President MSIA

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  • Julie Kemp

    I too found Mr Hunting's book masterful and a mandatory read for all seeking to really understand Shakespeare as well as, if and when they are exploring, what spirituality means and how it may manifest in and for themselves. I found great reassurance from Mr Hunting's opus given i am a fledgling Non-Stratfordian exponent as regards the Shakespeare Authorship question. I now seek to redeem a certain nobleman in an historical sense as well as my own self-learning and reflection. Mr Hunting's book has triggered a few precious memories from my high school days - i just couldn't get to grips with my English Lit classes beyond a certain level which i can honestly recall did mystify me as to why i couldn't. At that time I was deeply infatuated with a classmate but was too painfully shy to deal with it. When i became aware of what my Nominee for the Authorship Question went through personally i felt an explosion of injustice that at 68 i couldn't explain for a while. After 6months of some 'work' i identified it. All this happening whilst i was reading about him, watching the Plays and talking/emailing with significant others in the field. What a learning process! What joy! What sadness! What magnificence! What relief! Mr