See The Stars – John Davenport


This is a story of an ordinary person, who gets corrupted by greed, but then when called upon, did the most amazing things.


“Do you like good sci fi? Are you interested in a personal and funny journey into the past and the future? Well read ‘See the Stars’.” – Dadelus


I know not what the future holds, I know not what it brings, I only know what has passed and what tears that would bring.  Now we must go forward with our heads held high, together in our belief in God and what we know is right.

This was the last entry in the journal of a soldier serving in the Solaran Commonwealth’s Army before he went into battle with so many of his comrades.  Yes, this was our Galaxy, where a terrible war was being waged between the Solaran Commonwealth and its allies, the Hellertron Empire, and a vicious, evil, despotic race, the Kayton Empire, intent on conquest and enslavement of the entire Galaxy.  To this end, on the Keltar battle front on the Godforsaken planet of Ganeymon, the Solarans were facing the Kaytons and their Drone armies in deadly combat.  The Kaytons were getting stronger by the day whereas the Solarans were getting weaker, being drained by the need to send reinforcements to stem the recent Hellertron defeats.  How much longer could the thinning crest of the Solaran defence line hold out against another concentrated Kayton attack?  They were about to find out as the alarms sounded all along the Solaran front lines.

The Unknown Soldier, who made the journal entry, and all his comrades advanced from their dugouts and into the front line trenches proper to prepare themselves for the coming onslaught.

A young Second Lieutenant, who was standing next to the Unknown Soldier, shouted to his platoon, “Open fire!” as wave after wave of Kaytons and their Drone armies came at them.

The Solarans held out…but for how much longer?

The Major in charge told the front line radio operator to call for air support.

“The Air Force is spread very thin,” replied the radio operator. “Can we hold out without air support?”

Grabbing the radio receiver, the Major shouted, “I’m telling you, if you don’t get me an air strike, and soon, we are going to collapse!”

There was no reply; just silence at the other end of the line.

As things deteriorated, the Major gave the order to prepare to retreat.  At least that way some men would be saved, whereas if they stood firm they would all be killed or captured.

At that very moment the radio operator said, “Listen,” as the unmistakable sound of Solaran fighter bombers could be heard in the distance.

On board the lead strike aircraft, the Squadron Leader radioed to his pilots, “We are approaching the front line, T.A.R.D.S on now.”

Tactical All Round Defense System was a force field which enveloped the whole plane.  It was a good system but as it was a huge drain on the power, it was only used when absolutely necessary.  That time had now come as the anti-aircraft shells exploded harmlessly on the force field, lighting it up as they struck.

As they approached No Man’s Land the squadron leader said to his pilots, “Make them count, these lads are desperate.”

They swooped in low and fast on the unsuspecting Kaytons, dropping their delayed action cluster bombs which exploded with devastating effect, breaking up the attack in its tracks.  The surviving Kaytons retreated back to their front lines as the squadron made its escape back to base to re-arm for the next expected mission, such was the pressure being exerted all along the front line.

The men in the Solaran trenches reacted with cheers on relief at having repelled the attack, the Major’s Adjutant saying gleefully, “We did it, we held.”

“This time, yes,” the Major replied.  “Next time we might not be so lucky.  I don’t know how much longer we can hold on.”

The young officer standing next to the Unknown Soldier turned to him and said, “We did it; we held…”  But then his expression turned to sadness as he realised the Unknown Soldier had taken a stray bullet and died at his side.  After composing himself, he said, “I didn’t even know your name, soldier, but I am going to find out now who you are and who your loved ones are.”  He ever so carefully and respectfully went through the soldier’s pockets to try and give a name to this brave man who had sacrificed all in the name of freedom.  But the soldier must have left his papers in his dugout because all he could find was a photograph of his girlfriend in his top left hand pocket, literally next to his heart.  On the back of the photograph it read, Please, my love, keep me close to your heart.  As you are to mine, always.  To remind you of me throughout these hard times.  And when the war is at an end and victory is ours, we will be reunited again, happy and free.  My dearest love, Otterley.

The young officer thought, I won’t let you be forgotten.  I will find out who you are and when the war is over I will return your private belongings to your devoted girlfriend and tell her that I had the honour of serving by your side.

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John Davenport Explains the Story Behind the Book

I have always been a big Doctor Who fan and brought up to the fact that some company still owns the rights to a third feature film. I got the idea for the plot in March 1975 when I saw Tom Baker play Doctor Who in Genesis Of The Daleks. Although it does link up to the 1966 feature film in which Peter Cushing played Doctor Who. But it was in 1975 when I thought to myself what a great idea it would be if the third film had the plot of freeing the human Drones that appeared as the slaves of the Daleks in the 1966 feature film. You can see where I got the idea of a dome and a command bunker I just added the beacon to the top of the dome. Of course I had to change my plot a little I did not want the B.B.C to sue me for copyright. Although the story could easy be changed to turn it into a Doctor Who story, you could just change the ending to make it so. I think I would title the film Doctor Who The Final Conflict. And what I would give to work on the production if it was made into a film. As much as you have what you want in life then I would want this. I would live and breath its production giving it 100% to make it work. So if there are any production companies out there who are interested I am always available on johndavenport1959.private@gmail.com
Oh and by the way I forgot to put in my book that someone called Raymond once said to me that Bob is the sort of guy who if you saw him in the street. you would cross the road to avoid him. Raymond has never set foot in a bookies in his life when he got his pension credit he sold his car and flat. He then moved to Tenerife to spend his retirement in the all year round sunshine, yes a very clever man is our Raymond. I hope this short piece has given you a little insight into my personality it would be nice to hear from people from all around the world who have read my book, I hope to hear from you soon even if it is only to say do not give up your day job to write full time.

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