Sea Music – Briege Brannigan


Sea Music is a great story of mystery, beautifully told” – Rosemary C Mawby

Sea Music cover

“An intriguing tale rich in suspense and revelations” – Paula James

After a traumatic few months, artist Jess Cooper arrives in Northumberland to recuperate and to reassess her life.  Idly looking in an estate agent’s window, she is drawn to Sea Music – a cliff-top house overlooking the North Sea.  Enchanted by the name, she is inexplicably compelled to view it.

While there she has a strong sense of déjà vu – warm feelings at first, giving way to a sense of loneliness and searching for someone.  At the top of the cellar steps, she is suddenly light-headed and unable to make the move to descend.  Something unpleasant is clawing at her ind, but she can’t bring it to the fore.  That evening she is haunted by a woman’s face and a name – Lydia.

Always believing she has no relatives apart from her parents, she is shocked to learn that Lydia was her aunt who died in a mysterious fall at Sea Music.  She also discovers that Lydia’s baby son was abducted a few years before her death, and the abductor never found.  Jess sets out to unearth the reasons why her parents never told her about her aunt and the events leading up to Lydia’s mysterious death.

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Author Bio

Briege Brannigan

Briege Brannigan was born and raised in Dungannon Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  Upon leaving school she moved to London where she lived for several years before returning to Ireland for a time.  She moved to Lancashire in 1975 and has lived there ever since.

Briege began writing in her teens and Sea Music, her second novel, was shortlisted and highly recommended by The Wishing Shelf Book Awards


This book is expertly written and the momentum keeps up to the very end, when, just when you think you have worked it all out there is yet another revelation.  The writer has managed to produce a book that is credible, where the characters are convincing, and which is both achingly sad and truly shocking.” – Pashtpaws

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Jess had no idea what was going on.  It was the strangest thing that had ever happened to her: an unknown house in an area she had never visited before, feeling so familiar and having such a profound effect.  She didn’t know what to make of it and back at the holiday home she couldn’t get it out of her mind.  She was hungry and knew she should start to prepare some food but the very thought of food made her feel nauseous.

Looking again at the brochure for Sea Music she tried and failed to recapture the feelings she’d had there.  Then, as she closed her eyes, the image of a woman’s face flashed into her mind: pale and handsome, deep blue eyes, chestnut hair.  A familiar face, yet no one she knew.  It was gone as quickly as it had come.  She closed her eyes again and again but she could not recapture it.  She was becoming quite perturbed.  Was this the start of some form of mental illness?

That night unsurprisingly, she had the anxiety dream: searching, searching.  But this time she was calling a name, Lydia.  She awoke in a sweat at two a.m. and lay thinking about the dream and the events of the day – she had never known anyone called Lydia – finally falling into a fitful sleep around four.

The following morning she rang her father while he was getting ready for work.

“Dad I’ve never been to Northumberland before, have I?”

“Eh…no…why?  Is everything all right?”

“Yes…well no, not really.  I’ve had a very strange experience.”  And she recounted what had happened, including the dream.  Silence.  “You still there Dad?”

“Yes, I’m just thinking about what you said.  Dreams can be very weird things as you know.  Are you very disturbed by it?”

“Yes, I’ve never experienced anything like it.  And that name, Lydia keeps going round and round in my head.  Did I ever know anyone called that?”

Again the silence.  Then, “I think we need to talk Jess.”