Rufus and The Flying Carpet: Book One – “The Beginning” by Pauli Murphy


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Front_Cover_picture(H-Res-Photox_Final)“The Series of adventures with “Rufus and The Flying Carpet” are an invitation.  An invitation to Children of ALL ages (i.e.humans) to leap into the furthest reaches of imagination and join Rufus and his friends as they engage in wonderful and exciting experiences with the help of their Magical Flying Carpet.

The wonder that young children are naturally drawn tois addressed from the start, with Rufus’ ability to see Faeries and Angelic Beings and such-like. To Rufus, as to most of the young, this facility is entirely normal and he is surprised to find that not everybody shares it.

His belief that you can “Be, Do or Have anything that you wish” is what fuels the intentions of the adventurers and “the sky”, as you will see, is by no means “the limit”!

The illustrations, by Sandra Ingham and Ellie Grant of Truro, add a delight and focus, whilst never detracting from the reader’s own ability and desire to imagine the amazing scenes for themselves.

Mentored, with regard to structure, flow and direction, by Tomos Turtle (15, who won the Barefoot Books, nationwide First Prize for story-telling at the age of 8) Pauli Murphy’s series picks the reader up and puts you right there on the Carpet, with the adventurous little rabbits, to travel to places so unknown, peopled, in future books in this Series, by beings of such astounding contrast that you will find yourself holding your breath from time to time!

Biography of Pauli Murphy 

Pauli MurphyI’m a refusing-to-grow-up, Wannabe Gyroplane instructor who felt passionately that he wanted to write animal adventure stories for Children of ALL ages and fell to doing this recently.

I am enjoying the writing immensely and am already up to page 16 of the 2nd book in the Series, as I pen this in January 2016.

An entertaining book for children of all ages up to 75 years! There are some beautifully crafted drawings to accompany the story.” – Colin Reid Steward 

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.