Robin G. Howard – Jim Long SpaceAgent – Soulgate, Temple of Souls


Sci-Fi – Fantasy – Horror

The out of the body traveller, Jim Long and his crew, arrive for a short vacation on a friendly peace-loving planet. Within days, he is flung into a series of chilling events that disrupts society and causes devastation to the huge infrastructure of religious and political life. He desperately searches with translators for the answers in an archaic religious book as an escalating madness erupts around him. His psychic bracelet seems of little use as the planet is being slowly driven out of the physical reality.



Each hand movement he assessed at approximately three feet as he stepped forward.  After a few minutes, he estimated he had traversed forty feet, and was reaching the end of the line.  His thoughts were correct; his right hand touched the metal tag at the end of the coil.  He held it tight in his left hand and stretched forward with his right, amazed that as he did so, his right arm and head emerged from the darkness.

A great bolt of light energy hit him, seizing every muscle and blinding him.  The light, so intense but soothing after the darkness, made him dizzy.  No, not just dizzy.  The sensation was of floating in a white, shimmering mist.  The mist cleared in places, showing views of a large city with huge cylindrical buildings that thrust into the clouds above.

The vision, though out of focus, was one of great beauty and ambience.  A short distance away a high waterfall cascaded into a palette-shaped pool of water.  Tall, slender statuettes adorned its perimeter.  He heard voices – people laughing and talking in a strange ethereal way, their voices close, yet distant.  Then, through the partings in the mist, he could see them.  Some were bathing, others were in groups talking, and some lay asleep on the green textured floor surrounding the pool.

The serene picture made him feel happy, but suddenly weary.  The darkness was gone, as was the fear; he was at peace.

Then, like dry ice evaporating, the mood around him began to change.  For a brief moment, he felt nothing at all.  Then panic replaced the serenity of only a second before as the city began to shift.  The people by the pool leapt to their feet with terror on their faces, then tried to run.  But they couldn’t, and neither could he.

Notal was alive.  He was sure of that.  Yet he was imprisoned by life.  The combination of hopelessness and never-ending pain was unbearable.  “No,” he pleaded with the unseen emotions projected in his mind.  “Please take this feeling away.  Please.  I can’t stand it!”

Screams of anguish and shouts for help echoed through his ears, and the picture of horror was taken away by another blinding white light that erupted suddenly around him.

Then all was silent as the serenity returned, and he found himself still standing in the passageway.  The visions were gone.  He still heard the voices, not only in the distance but also chanting all around him.  It had to be a kind of telepathy, because his ears didn’t receive the sounds, just his mind.

The chanting drew closer.  He looked down each corridor, in anticipation of seeing the people responsible, but no one appeared.  At that instant, one voice became louder, a hypnotic voice that seemed to glide through his mind.  Clear and beautiful, as though someone was gently stroking his hair.  It said:

On entering the sacred portal you will question yourself, your life and your values.  The psychic test can build or destroy, but be aware of the danger that lurks inside, a danger unknown to mortal man.  Go in peace, my brother, to eternity.”

Notal gazed upward, grateful, certain that the spirit had spoken to him and him alone.  Then a terrible pain entered his mind and body.  That pain was the last thing he was aware of as he collapsed unconscious on the floor.


Author Bio

Author Robin G. Howard has been an entertainment manager, entertainer/vocalist, Theatrical producer and writer of several pantomimes including a UV version of Pinocchio that toured 20 theatres in the UK.

While in the Royal Air Force, an actual supernatural dreamsequence occurred placing him at a future event. The knowledge that a part of our brain exists in another reality has shown him many unusual incidents named the sixth sense.

Robin writes both fiction and non-fiction, including the Jim Long Space Agent series of stand-alone science fiction fantasy stories, revealing the distant future where sections of humankind and aliens have matured spiritually. His non-fiction ebooks are Magical Theory of Life which discusses our experience, history and aftermath in non-religious spiritual terms and How to Think Like a Modern Mystic takes a look at ourselves.