Robert Ashton’s Latest Features – @robertashton1


robert-ashtonRobert Ashton, the barefoot entrepreneur, has been talked about all over the web recently relating to his book, Sales For Non-Sales People.
Have a look at the links below to read some of his features.


www.freshbusinessthinking.com have featured an article written especially by Robert, published on 24-12-2014. Follow this link to read more.

startacus.net are also fans of Robert’s work, and have featured a different article, published on 8-12-2014. Click here to see what he has to say.

Last but not least, www.smarta.com have featured yet another article by Robert! This one is titled ‘Tips on how to boost your sales skills with social entrepreneur and author Robert Ashton’ , published on 15-12-2014. Follow this link to read more.


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