Reptillia: The Beginning – Yusuf Ibn Sirin Al-Jassasah


A unique version of ‘Britishness’ – An epic assimilation!

Prepare for the most fascinating & mysterious book of 2019!
It is riddled with coded messages and is based on real world events


Born to a single mother who has been granted asylum and settles in Greater Manchester, UK, Abdul-Hakeem Nawabi struggles to assimilate himself within British society. Until he studies the history of the British Empire and his heritage.

Inspired by the ‘darker side’ of nature, his experiences help meta-morph a ‘Krypto-Knight’ ideology (Universal Ultra-Epigenetic Phenomena). But with the rampant rise of the far-right (The Arctic Wolves); and both factions competing for influence and power; where does ‘Reptillia’ fit into all this? What does HE want?

“His ability to fuse history, political events together makes will make this book a best seller. A must read.”

Laurie Nova

About the Author

Yusuf Ibn Sirin Al-Jassasah  is a British born man of Asian descent. Born & raised on Greater Manchester, he has experienced first hand the struggles regarding equality, race, cultures & most importantly, his own identity. His experiences paved the way for his novel, Reptillia: The Beginning.

 “Sharing my own experiences and further researching who I am, which ultimately shaped the main character of the book birthing therefrom; a potent Krypto-Knight ideology.”


“Get in Mehdi, we shall drive into the heart of village, and give that donkey to a poor farmer, you won’t need it, not now”.

Mehdi did exactly as he was asked; meanwhile Rasheed Nawabi untied the donkey & placed it into the back of his pickup truck once again. For Mehdi, this was the perfect time to catch up on days of the past, he already had so many questions racing through his mind. Rasheed Nawabi opened the driver’s side door & closed it with a loud *thud*. He then turned the key & started the engine.

Rasheed Nawabi gave his brother a quick glance before they set off. “Put your seatbelt on”. He asked calmly, once again Mehdi agreed & complied. A long hard push of the accelerator and a quick 360 degree turn of the steering wheel & they set off but going into to the opposite direction of the army jeeps, Rasheed Nawabi took a left turn towards the village.

 “What did the white man say to me Rasheed, before he started laughing?” 

This was the first & most obvious question to ask his brother, a conversation that he knew nothing about but was still fresh in his mind. However Rasheed was reluctant to answer for obvious reasons.

“Nothing, he was just joking about you joining the Mujahideen” .

Mehdi’s face lit up. “I’d love too! There’d be no greater-“.

 “NO!” Rasheed roared back, Mehdi was stunned by this spontaneous yet angry reaction. He immediately looked towards the floor out of fear. “I have enough men to aide me in this matter; I did not bring you all the way to Lal’Pur just to lose you like we lost our parents”. “Just stay put & be a good husband”.

He was silenced for a few minutes, but Rasheed’s response paved the way for another question, a question he wanted to ask since he set eyes on his elder brother, because no one really wanted to tell him the truth. This was his chance but Mehdi waited a little longer just to make sure his mood had cooled down, the last thing he wanted was another furious reaction that would shake him to his very core.

He looked up at him once again, Rasheed’s eyes pinned to the road ahead his body balancing itself on the driver’s seat as the truck drove over the bumps & potholes of the road leading up to the village. His thoughts; also wandering off to another place or time. Mehdi took the opportunity.

“What happened to them?” He questioned.

“Who?” Judging by his body language this wasn’t the question he was expecting.

“Our parents” He clarified. “How did they die? For what reason?”

Rasheed Nawabi took a deep breath & let out a sigh of frustration, this was another question he wanted to avoid, but Mehdi had a right to know. This was going to be a long & difficult journey for the both of them.

“They were slaughtered”. He paused for a brief moment then continued. “Right in front of my eyes, like cattle”. The sadness echoed through his voice.

A frown immediately appeared on Mehdi’s face, but despite all the hurt he was feeling inside, he needed to know more. He took a deep breath, a closed his eyes momentarily for the next question.

“But why? Did they do something wrong?” They both made eyes contact briefly & then turned back. Rasheed had enough of holding the truth back from him, he couldn’t do it anymore, and it was so unfair. He decided that it would be much easier on both of them if he told him the full story once & for all.

“No, they were good people, they were slaughtered due to a tribal feud with a neighbouring tribe that spanned back two generations. The opposing tribe attacked us during the cover of nightfall, they killed most of the men who stood against them, our father being one them. But our mother shielded his body, however; the blows of the sword were severe & powerful, as a result they were both butchered holding each other in their arms. I saw it happen with my own eyes Mehdi; such is the land of the Afghans, merciless, unforgiving”.

Rasheed Nawabi’s tone of voice, now calm, collective and full of regret. He reluctantly held back tears as flashbacks of that moment began to resurface.

Mehdi’s vision, as before; was fixated on him. Staring at the side of his brother’s face as he foretold the sequence of events. His lips trembling, his eyes watering uncontrollably, & stinging with pain, the shock & horror filled his beating heart as he learned about the tragic and unfortunate fate of his parents. Rasheed continued to narrate the true events of that terrible night.

“The tribal elder, and few survivors managed to escape, you was only a new-born at the time. He took us both to nearby village & begged for sanctuary. He begged until sanctuary was granted. But I could not stay! I couldn’t let their crimes go unpunished Mehdi, I was only a teenager, but with vengeance in my mind & dedication in my heart, I took a steed from those villagers, without permission; and I rode, day & night to the nearest Muslim land with the strongest army. I commanded them to train me in the art of advanced warfare. In return I vowed to give them power & control in the region. Afghans need a leader Mehdi. I will become that leader!”