Police to paranoia

At the age of 29 years Rebecca was leading a normal life. Dream job as a police officer, working in the Public Protection Unit, stable relationship and loving family and friends. She couldn’t have asked for a better life until a couple of traumatic incidents changed her life in ways that she would never have imagined and the next few months to come turned her whole life upside down.

Being arrested in her own home, by her own colleagues was not only humiliating but the scariest time of her life. Rebecca was thrown in a tiny cell. Initially angry and refusing to accept that she needed help. After a while Rebecca came to the realisation that she did need help She was in a bad way. Rebecca had lost her mind and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act having suffered a psychotic breakdown.

Rebecca was held for 28 days in a psychiatric hospital where she had to fight to get out and get her life back.

Rebecca felt a need to tell her story for a number of reasons. Mental health can affect anyone. Your gender, age and profession have no bearing. Anyone can fall victim to their own mental health and thats why its so important that we look after it.
Rebecca wanted her book to help people. To show them what it was truly like and to seek help if they need it. Mental health is different for every individual as is hope but this book will hopefully give those suffering, the push or motivation to keep going and realise that the impossible is still within reach.

Police to Paranoia is also a chance to shed light on the psychiatric care system in the UK. Rebecca states that unfortunately most patients are not in a position to speak up on the trauma they may have experienced. She felt it was important to share the violence she experience to encourage change. Mental health lacks transparency once patients are within the system and she wanted to shed light on this.

Police to Paranoia has done incredibily well. Rebecca’s book achieved 312 sales in just the first 2 weeks of the launch. That led to gross sales of £3120.00 in just 14 days and the book continues to sell well. It has become a substantial second income for Rebecca but most importantly she has been able to tell her story.
Her book will also have an impact on the care system and no doubt leave an imprint on how we help people going forward.

Rebecca is now a mother of two and happily married and having faced death first hand, now lives life to the full. She overcame her psychosis, and set herself one more goal, could she get her career back in the police force?