Read the Road Signs by Mereda Cruz


img_5824Are you sick of meeting the wrong guy?  Do you feel social pressure to be in a relationship?  Do you find yourself settling for safety, because it’s easier than being alone?  Do you feel like you are not attractive enough for your ideal partner?  Do you feel like you’re in a never ending cycle of destructive relationships, always gravitating towards the wrong kind of men?  Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with you because you haven’t met Mr. Right?  If you can answer ‘yes’to these questions then this is the book for you.

In Read the Road Signs, author Mereda Cruz provides true stories of people who have managed to break their self-defeating cycles.  Women who have overcome their obstacles and learnt how to avoid them in future.  Think of this book as a satellite navigation system, which will help guide you to your desired destination.  It will help you see the road blocks before you reach them.  It will alert you of stand-still traffic ahead.

This book is not about superstars or celebrities.  It shares the stories of real, everyday people.  From the woman who learned her partner was gay after years of marriage, to the woman who was dumped and did a drive by to stalk her ex!  It translates human behaviour into fun understandable concepts that people can relate to.

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About the Author

Mereda Cruz was born and raised in the heart of Yorkshire, with a German mother and English father.  One of eight children, she grew up around girls which enabled her to develop a good insight into how women think.  This experience was sharply contrasted by her career, which exposed her to a male dominated environment where she learned about how men really think.

Mereda was inspired to write Read the Road Signs after a beautiful and successful woman close to her went through a painful separation, losing her job and her home and leaving her so damaged she eventually suffered a breakdown.  Feeling compelled to try to help others avoid the same fate, Mereda decided to incorporate everything she has learned in life, from watching her friends cry and putting their lives on hold for relationships which were doomed to failure, seeing people wasting years on unhealthy and destructive relationships, as well as her own experience of the breakdown of a long term relationship and the reactions of others to her status as a single woman.

Her objective “is to change people’s attitudes towards single women and raise awareness of the reasons why we gravitate towards certain relationships so we can break the cycle. One of the reasons women rush into the wrong relationships is because of how they are made to feel when single. The “are you still single” passing comment, as if there is something wrong with them which in turn pushes them into the wrong relationships.

I am passionate about mental health and want to share what I have learned to help others. I am just a village girl with big dreams wanting to inspire the millions of heartbroken women across the globe.”

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