Qualities of Ah Good Woman – George Osei-Oppong Junior


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Relationships can be challenging. With differing attitudes, perceptions and backgrounds, partners many times struggle to find the right balance to stay happy in their relationship. Close to 70% of relationships fail within the first year, according to a study, while 40% of marriages end in divorce. 

Even though love is blind, long-term relationships take work, commitment, compromise and willingness to grow with each other.

The key to having a successful relationship lies in making the right decisions before choosing a life partner. When you are aware of what qualities you should look for, you can make the correct judgement, which makes all the difference between a happy and healthy life and a complicated, conflict-filled life.

The author’s years of experience in helping people navigate the complex issues in relationships has led to this e-book on “Qualities of Ah Good Woman (The Mantra).”

A mature woman is one who is confident, genuine, honest and is willing to compromise. She also is one who gives out positive vibes and good energy while not bearing grudges. The right woman is willing to put in as much effort as you do into making the relationship work, while always being there for you. She retains her individuality by pursuing her personal goals while encouraging you to achieve yours. 

The right woman not only shares values and goals with you but is respectful towards her parents. She knows how to forgive while moving past jealousy and insecurity. Finally, she has a sense of humour and laughs at your jokes while handling fights and arguments calmly.

Finding these qualities in a woman can be difficult, but if you have such a woman in your life, it is important that you treat her special, while reciprocating in every way.


“As a woman I’d like to say everything stated in this book accurately advises not only men but also women on how to have a good and long lasting relationship ensuring both members are happy and enjoy the relationship but are able to grow and build it up as well.”
Mélissa Lamoureux

A Few Words From the Author

“I’m a young black man from South East London, funny enough I never wanted to do the whole cliché thing but hey it is who I am. Born and bread there too well I guess I was born in Westminster St Thomas Hospital, but I did spend some time in Ghana where I learned my mother tongue; which makes me wonder what my first language is.

I was led by my passion to help people when I wrote this book, often my friends or strangers tend to come to me for advice on females etc. While I’m no Guru I know a thing or two, so I decided to share this with everyone, because I know a lot of people struggle with identifying the right one which is more and more important in this day and age, with the new age way of meeting people dating sites, dm’s etc.

I’m not an author at all this was not part of the plan, but it might have a place in this little life of mine. With that being said, follow my Instagram Jones_Liberache for further updates as my podcast Most Influential is out soon.”



When it comes to ‘compromising,’ it is a two-way street. If you want a woman who will compromise for you, you need to be willing to do the same for her. Compromising means doing things that she wouldn’t normally do but does anyway because it makes you happy. This is a true sign of love. A woman who would do anything to see you happy is definitely in love with you.

In an argument, a woman who is willing to compromise will listen to your point of view as well. However, a compromise has to work both ways. It is not a compromise if the woman is always agreeing and giving in to you. It is only a compromise if you are willing to do the same in return. You too need to do things that make her happy even if they don’t fully appeal to you.

If you are arguing with your significant other, show her respect by listening to her point of view and considering it as well. A true compromise only happens when both partners are willing to do their bit. If you have found a woman who is open to your views, then you need to do what you can to keep her. She deserves the same respect and politeness that she offers you.

If you are not willing to compromise too, then you could lose your partner. Women are not blind to the way they are treated. They will let you know when you are not treating them right, and if you don’t change, they just might leave.

She Holds Similar Values as You

Sharing common life goals and values is the secret to a healthy and happy relationship. Couples can have different interests, but it is important that they share common values and life goals. Throughout history, it has been evident that couples of different religious or cultural backgrounds have had successful relationships because they shared core beliefs. Some of these shared values can include giving back to society, adopting a child, welcoming extended family members or contributing to a charity.

Examples of common goals are intangibles such as raising healthy and happy children, and tangibles such as taking an exotic vacation or buying a house. Working together for these shared goals and values can strengthen the bond between partners and introduce an element of excitement and a sense of achievement when these goals are met.

Many couples who love each other end up arguing when their goals and values are not on the same page. Studies also show that couples who share goals and values have stronger relationships and are happier than those who do not.

Constant conflicts are the real danger when you do not take the time to observe their life goals and values and whether these align with yours. For instance, you might be passionate about workouts and physical fitness while she is not; you believe in sustainable living while she could not care less about environmental hazards. Conflicts could also arise from simple differences in the choice of wardrobe, eating habits and so on. The right woman is one whose life goals and values align with that of yours.


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