Power Kids by Taryn Jahme


Empowering families and children with winning life strategies.

Power Kids by Taryn Jahme is a must-have practical guide to modern parenting with proven strategies to help children of all ages learn etiquette, social skills and so much more…


Power Kids offers insightful tips and a multitude of strategies, covering everything from money management on how the super-wealthy manage their everyday wealth, to life and growing up. This highly resourceful and concise book is brimming with constructive advice and winning formulas for parents teaching children to:

> boost their self-esteem
> maintain friendships
> harness basic strategies on conflict resolution
> manage family relationships and friendships at school.

Power Kids recognises that parenting isn’t easy and that all types of family units require support, love, guidance and a range of styles, including: blended, step-parenting and solo-parenting families. Drawing on the author’s extensive experience and background as an international social skills expert, Power Kids is crammed with an overview of this expertise, containing the full scope of applied knowledge into one neatly written and practical book:

It is not just about the power of knowledge; the real power is in the application. It is not easy for a child to become an adult. The ‘Power Kids’ book is a wonderful resource to offer your children, transitioning to teenagers, which is easy and precise to follow.”

Advocating the importance of early learning, Power Kids teaches children invaluable life lessons on valuable topics, such as:

> respect
> multiculturalism
> finance and the basics of ‘being in the corporate world’
> entrepreneurship, business, budgeting, and
> the power of words.

Power Kids is a well-timed title amid the Covid crisis and prioritises the current trend towards home-schooling and the importance of everyday learning at home, at play and at school. The guide’s strategies and techniques extend to children of all ages, from toddlers and teens to tweens and transformative young adults.

Empowering and motivational, this essential guide is well structured with practical tips, valid techniques and easy guidance for parents working at home, addressing stress management, mental health and providing self-help solutions to suit every culture, individual child and lifestyle.

In essence, Power Kids is an exceptional, forward-thinking title offering outstanding parenting guidance and fostering children for a future where they can be happy, successful, confident and fulfilled. Power Kids equips parents with the right strategies for raising children of all ages, everywhere. This is a rewarding and highly recommended book for parents with the hardest yet most rewarding job of all – to be excellent parents.

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About the Author

Taryn Jahme is an author with more than 22 years’ experience working with children and families from different cultural backgrounds. In the past, she has coached professionals’ families, the elite and even Royalty. Taryn knows exactly what parents are crying out for.  No matter what your background, her new book, Power Kids, brings all her insight together, advising parents how to take charge of their kids now and for the future.