Poltergeist Co-Creator Michael Grais On New Project @ChristasLuck


“Great storytelling. The story builds and builds and builds. I got so attached to the characters in the book and missed them when I was done. I highly recommend this book for all ages. I loved it!!” – Amazon Review (Verified Purchase)

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Michael Grais has written and produced movies of domestic and international acclaim.  After a brief stint of writing for episodic television, he launched into features, and has written everything from romantic comedies to thrillers for seven Academy Award winning producers/directors.

The first feature he wrote was Death Hunt, starring Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson, before co-writing the mega-hit Poltergeist with Steven Spielberg.

Jennifer Grais is a singer-songwriter who recorded several albums in Los Angeles and Nashville and toured as Jackson Browne’s background singer. When she met Michael and they moved to the rural area of Topanga Canyon, CA, her childhood passion for horses was rekindled.

In December 2006, she was captivated by footage of a horse rescue that took place during a flood in the Netherlands at the hands of women riders. The drama of the rescue inspired the novel, “Christa’s Luck,” a young adult novel co-authored by Michael Grais. Research for the novel exposed Jennifer to the unfolding drama of the wild mustangs in the western United States and became the primary plot of the book.

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Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.

“Fantastic page turner!!! Don’t let the ‘Young Adult’ category stop anyone from picking up this book!! Get comfy, then be prepared to be swept away!” – Amazon Review (Verified Purchase)