Poached Eggs, Javelins, Easy Cash and Hangovers – Paul Fraser Murray


With Poached Eggs, Javelins, Easy Cash and Hangovers by Paul Fraser Murray, you will learn how to; cook the picture-perfect poached egg, throw (with Olympian prowess) the farthest javelin, leave your bookmaker scratching head over that sudden windfall, and quell even the most persistent of hangovers.

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A lifetime’s research into these seemingly unrelated topics gives Paul Fraser Murray credence as the ultimate advisor to all.
     > Finally get a handle on how to get that egg poached to perfection.
     > Become a proficient javelin-thrower with the author’s own ‘Slinging the Javelin’ technique.
     >Navigate the labyrinths of the stock exchange, casino halls and bookies and exit unscathed and laden with new-found wealth.
     >And stop those infernal hangovers from encroaching on your Sunday mornings with the definitive cure.

Besides offering some great tips on mastering its titular topics, the book boasts a smörgåsbord of delights with hilarious anecdotes, quick-witted asides and playful full-colour illustration.


To some, the perfect poached egg, the alternative javelin method, the accumulation of easy cash, and a hangover cure would seem to be pure fantasy, or even dismissed as rubbish, but, from personal experience, I can assure you that all have possibilities and have been proven to work. So be brave, and a­fter accumulating the knowledge within this book – try your luck! You may be surprised!

Read an extract from the book:

On Hangovers:

“Christmas is probably the only time, apart from New Year’s Eve, when amateur and professional boozers join forces and suffer side by side. The amateur drinks himself silly and suffers the same fate as the professional who exceeds his comfortable capacity. The result is always the same – A HANGOVER.”

About the book:

Price: £5.99 (Paperback), £3.99 (eBook)
Pages: 34
ISBN: 9781913704919
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About the author:

Poached Eggs, Javelins, Easy Cash and Hangovers is Paul Fraser Murray’s first book. Paul’s writing has previously been featured in sports papers and trade magazines relevant to his prior business in insurance, management, and as a sole trader.

Everything Paul discusses in Poached Eggs was experienced first-hand and is the product of years of keen participation in cooking, sport and finance (plus the occasional hangover). The book has been in the making for a long time and Paul hopes the many tips and tricks he has acquired over the years will be put to good use by his readers. 



  • Peter Dredge

    Enjoyed the PEJ&ECH manuscript. Still the same inimitable style. Great stuff.