Pirates Deep – William Mills



Zoe and Thomas are holidaying with their mother on board a Spanish yacht in the Mediterranean.

Little do they know that when the adults are suddenly called away they will be plunged into a terrifying adventure at sea.

Chased by gangsters their prospects look grim, however help suddenly appears when Zoe’s best friend, Nicola shows up to give them a hand.

Together with Pedro, the yacht owner’s son the four teenagers escape from a night anchorage slipping out with searchlights sweeping the dark sea for them.

Back onshore it turns out that Mum’s new boyfriend is a lovable rogue, but why are the police so keen to find him? And why are there gangsters following them? 

All becomes clear in an explosive finale.


About the Author

William Mills enjoys writing adventure stories for children and adults alike. His books have a nautical theme as he is keen yachtsman. He also writes articles for yachting magazines and lives beside the sea in the UK.

Pirates Deep is the second book in the Press Ganged series and follows the holiday adventures of Mrs Angela English and her two children, Zoe, 14 and Thomas, 12

The Black Pig is the first book in the Press Ganged series.

Other titles by William:

  • Snappy the Shark 1
  • Snappy the Shark 2
  • Snappy and the Brighton Eco Warriors


Praise for Snappy the Shark

“A wonderful marine tale… delightfully quirky.” – Andrew M Collins



The cave’s floor was flat and formed of compacted earth.

“I’m ringing my mum,” announced Pedro pulling out his mobile and pressing it to his ear. Yet the resolute expression on his face slipped back to uncertainty.

“There is no signal,” he admitted.

“Look! Other people have been here before,” exclaimed Thomas pointing to an empty water bottle and some other rubbish lying around.

“It pongs in here,” said Pedro wrinkling up his nose.

Thomas shone the torch on his mobile around the back of the cave.

The boys looked at one and another. They had both seen that the cave ran deeper into the hillside.

“Shall we explore and see how far we get?” suggested Thomas.

Pedro shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything.

At the back of the cave, there was an opening which the boys nervously investigated. It was definitely a passage!

Thomas felt his stomach contract as he realised the ceiling had been worked with chisels. This was man made! Confirmation came when he stumbled over some rough steps leading upwards.

He looked back at Pedro. The other boy’s eyes gleamed in the faint torchlight. Pedro was excited as he was.

They continued and soon came to a junction with a much larger tunnel with brick walls and a hard floor. Now they were able to stand up fully and walk swiftly along.

In the distance, there was a glimmer of light. But where were they going to come out?

Pedro had taken the lead when Thomas’ torch had started to dim, and his battery was fully charged.

“I think we are going to come out somewhere in the Citadel,” he whispered to Thomas.

Just at that moment, they heard the voices of grown-ups. Both instinctively crouched down and waited to see what would happen.

Pedro switched off his torch moments before a door, further along, was opened spilling light into the passageway.

The two boys crept along until they could see around the corner. Two men were sitting at a table drinking coffee. A third was standing by the door just about to leave. He’d turned to speak to the others so he had his back to the boys.

As the men were speaking in Spanish Thomas couldn’t understand them. But Pedro could.

Thomas was about to go forward and make their presence known when Pedro suddenly dragged him back putting a hand over his mouth to silence him.

Thomas couldn’t understand. After all, they hadn’t done anything wrong. They just wanted to get outside and find where they were.

But Pedro had pushed him down and was waving for him to stay silent. Then Thomas saw what was upsetting the Spanish boy, and his blood ran cold.

Sticking out of the top of the trousers of the man with his back to them was a handgun.

Thomas could clearly see the black handle protruding. Both boys slid further back into the shadows.

The man who was standing shouted ‘goodbye’ to his friends and pulled the door closed behind him, clicking on a small overhead light and walking away from the boys, who were as quiet as mice.

Thomas and Pedro listened as the sound of the man’s footfall changed. He was running up a flight of stairs. There was a rush of daylight as another door was opened, and was then closed again.

The boys looked at one and another. After waiting for their eyes to adjust to the gloom once again, they tiptoed forward.

As they passed the door which was still open a crack, Pedro stopped to listen to the voices talking within.

Thomas couldn’t understand what they were saying so he tugged on Pedro’s arm.

“Shhhh!” hissed Pedro.

“Come on. I want to go,” whispered Thomas back.

Suddenly the room descended into silence. The boys froze in horror at the sound of a chair being scraped back as someone got up.

“Run!” cried Pedro.