Phill Featherstone – The Reboot Trilogy


Trilogy depicting deadly virus grips readers

We can expect universal fascination for Phill Featherstone’s REBOOT series which chronicles a dangerous plague sweeping the world in three chilling parts: Paradise Girl, Aftershocks and Jericho Rose. For today’s readers caught in the grip of the world’s current pandemic, Featherstone’s three books are an unmissable choice with his final instalment, Jericho Rose, on the verge of publication.

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The thrilling REBOOT series depicts a disastrous virus which, although originally designed as a biological weapon by an unknown power, is inexplicably unleased onto the world stage. Alarmingly, with no vaccine or cure in sight, the virus rampages from country to country with deadly consequences inflicting carnage and chaos as people struggle to survive and cope with the impending social isolation.

From the offset, Featherstone’s thrilling series is superbly written and thoughtfully constructed, setting a powerful and dramatic scene that steals its readers’ attention from start to finish. In his dramatic opening, Paradise Girl – the diaries, the unnerving story is narrated from the perspective of 17-year-old Kerryl Shaw. Kerryl lives with her twin brother Lander, their mother and two grandparents on a remote farm in northern England. We learn of the virus, the path it takes and the havoc it wreaks with terrifying detail and, surrounded by death and despair, we sense the fear of loneliness.

In the gripping sequel, Aftershocks – the journey, we follow Kerryl’s twin brother, Lander, as he embarks on a search for answers to the nightmare. On his mission, Lander confronts the best and worst of humanity, facing those who want to save him and those who want to destroy him. He is chased, and imprisoned with a girl called Magda who is ill and weak. He sees in her a companion to continue his quest, only in a dramatic climax to find himself questioning whose side she is really on.

Featherstone’s roller-coaster read concludes with his third and climatic offering, Jericho Rose – resurrection which is set to publish in May 2020. The addictive saga continues from the viewpoint of both Lander and Magda. By now, the plague is over and it is time to rebuild. However, there are those who seek to turn the situation to their own advantage, and use a bizarre pod system to force the population into continuing lock-down. It becomes apparent that a consequence of the virus is mass infertility, which the authorities seek to overcome by the abhorrent creation of hybrid fetuses. Will such ideas to regenerate work, or do they risk destroying what is left? Can human life ever return to normal? Will love conquer all?

Featherstone’s frightening trilogy unveils a horror scenario uniquely imagined and described like no other author. This is unchartered territory with an imagined narrative and ending that will be of more interest to readers than ever before and each part of the series, read in sequence, commands attention from beginning to end. Throughout this thrilling read, it is impossible not to invest in the characters or to empathise with their suffering and challenges. It is also impossible to put the books down.

This gripping trilogy can’t fail to resonate with readers in the context of a terrifying world-wide health crisis. The award-winning REBOOT series is a timely masterpiece; a dystopian-fantasy, Sci-Fi, horror and thriller rolled into one.

Paradise Girl, the opening book in the REBOOT trilogy was published in 2017 (and reissued in 2018). Aftershocks was published in 2019 while Jericho Rose, is due out in May 2020.

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All three books in REBOOT are available to order from Amazon (www.amazon.com), Goodreads (www.goodreads.com), Waterstones and other major book shops.

About the Author

Phill Featherstone came late to writing fiction. He was born and brought up in West Yorkshire, not far from the home of the Brontë sisters. He read English at Cambridge and worked as a teacher, adviser, and author of education books before starting, with his wife, a company publishing educational materials. It was not until the sale of this that he found enough time to fulfil his long-held ambition to write novels.

As well as the Reboot series, Phill has written several short stories and another novel, The God Jar, which is based partly in the present day and partly in the 16th century and features a talismanic object with mysterious powers.

Phill’s fiction is published by his own company, Opitus Books, based in Sheffield. Paradise Girl has achieved several accolades: Chill Readers’ Award, Chill Book of the Month, Indie B.R.A.G. medallion, Wishing Shelf Awards Finalist. The God Jar is a Wishing Shelf Awards Finalist.

When he’s not writing, Phill likes going to theatres, cinemas and galleries, travelling, walking, and playing the saxophone. He’s an audiophile and loves listening to his vinyl collection. Still on his bucket list are the silk road, Machu Picchu, and almost anywhere in New Zealand.