Paul L Thompson Action-Packed Wild-Western is an Outright Winner


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11th January, 2021

Action-Packed Wild-Western is an Outright Winner

Cimmaron River: Rustler’s Hideout by best-selling author, Paul L Thompson, is the 93rd book in his successful Tales of the Old West series. Another truly authentic Western novel, Cimmaron River welcomes back the much-loved US Marshall, Shorty Thompson.

In the north Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, even northern New Mexico during the late 19th Century, there were almost as many cattle rustlers as there were honest ranchers and townspeople. Most ranches were measured in square miles, not acres. The New Mexico ranch, XIT, was three million acres alone. Rustlers had little worry taking cattle from those far-off pastures. Most times they could have those cattle hidden in some desolate canyon before they were even missed. Cowboys found out, follow a trail, you die.

Cimmaron River captures reader’s attention from start to finish. The exciting opening chapter instantly hooks readers with a dramatic shoot-out between heavy-handed rustlers stealing more cattle from XIT. After months of such shenanigans, the XIT ranch ramrod sends for Texas Rangers and US Marshals. The ranch recruits two Texas Rangers to help regain control over the ranch, but both are dramatically found dead. However, it is quick-thinking Shorty Thompson who accepts the job under the pretence of being a down-and-out cowboy looking for work. Until the right time, no one, not even the XIT was to know his identity. Each honest man would find out in time. And, along with his loyal horse, Dunnie, Shorty travels across the country out to the ranch… and the wild adventures really begin.

In Cimmaron River, like all his previous books, Thompson succeeds with his thrilling plotline and a backdrop filled with all the ingredients expected from a good old-fashioned Western: rangers, outlaws, campfires, horses, saloon brawls and rides into the sunset. Add to that, a compelling host of imaginative characters boast names worthy of the wild-west they inhabit, most memorably, Herb, Kilt, Red and Clutch!  

Cimmaron River is well written with an authentic knowledge and rich characters that brilliantly recreate the landscape, lingo and lives of America’s beloved wild-west during the 1870s and onwards. The author neatly ties together every layer into its proper era and context. And, a continuous, dialogue-heavy narrative sustains the fast-paced momentum of Cimmaron River and compliments the clever mix of drama and comedy between the characters, such as when Shorty says:

 “…what I’ve heard every man that’s picked up a trail was found dead, including two Texas Rangers.”
“Are you now worried you could be next?”
“Not by a long shot, I’m hard to kill.”’

This gripping new instalment is an unmissable addition for avid fans of the popular Tales of the Old West series. Created by an author who clearly knows his way around the Western genre, this book can be enjoyed independently or as part of his winning series.

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Cimmaron River and the Tales of the Old West series can be ordered exclusively from Amazon.
Price: £7.48 (Paperback); £0.77 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 170
Publisher: Longhorn Publishing (December 2020)

Amazon reviews:

You know before you start reading, if it’s a Shorty Thompson story, it’s gonna be great! Never a let down! Love these books!
Jacqui Gervais

Outstanding storylines from beginning to end, and the Author’s successful selection of characters were perfectly selected for their commanding assignments throughout the entire story!.. an unprecedented outstanding series of ongoing Western adventures!
I’ve never read a Shorty Thompson story that wasn’t a five stars series of unending excitement!
Charles Castell

About the Author

Paul L. Thompson is a best-selling Western author. His series of ‘U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson’ novels constantly appear in the leading book charts. Thompson is well-known and respected for writing true historical Western fiction with realistic descriptions of locations and times, anchoring his books from the 1870s to 1912. Names of towns that no longer exist (or names that have been changed) are expertly brought to life, page after page. Towns, canyons and creeks in the southwest are named correctly and every location used in his novels can be visited today. Most of the country Thompson writes about, he has ridden over on horseback more than once!

Before he started to write, Thompson did fifteen years of extensive research on top of the knowledge he already had from living in New Mexico. His love of cattle, horses and the whole southwest, with its wide-open spaces, inspired Thompson to write novels that express the beauty of the Southwest in print. For more details, please visit www.outlawspublishing.com.