Parallel Lines by Jane McCulloch


“An impressive debut from a talented writer” – Bridget Armstrong

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Parallel Lines_CoverIn the 1970s, beautiful but unhappy Celia Roxby Smith reaches a crisis in her life and seeks help from a famous psychiatrist. During her intense sessions, she reveals a painful past that includes a bleak childhood in the postwar fifties, neglect from her parents at home in Oxford, and constant bullying received while at boarding school.

Now Celia is in her thirties and finds herself in a tragic and loveless marriage that resembles the same one her parents had. She sees frightening parallels between the past and present events of her life and is desperate to break away from her abusive and controlling husband. With the help of her psychiatrist and her new lover, she takes the first steps toward freedom and independence. But a shocking turn of events changes everything and leaves more questions than answers.

“A well-paced and hugely enjoyable novel with compelling characters and an intriguing structure. Highly recommended.” – C. Martin

Author Bio.
  Since leaving London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, Jane McCulloch has worked as     a writer, playwrite,librettist and theatre and opera director.

Since 2004 Jane has given up most of her theatre work in order to concentrate on her writing.

In addition to her Three Lives Trilogy – of which Parallel Lines is the first volume – Jane has also   published an anthology of poems and two works for children.

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“A wonderful book that deeply examines relationships and the ways our (and our parents’) pasts affect our current lives.” – Lydia Hamessley