Paradise Lost – Azzedine Kechroud


“From that day, we started our surreptitious slipping into the throes of a future as suspect as unknown but for sure, very uncertain!  We then were entering the cycle of absurdity that had just reached us because from that moment, the most perfect certainty was the absolute uncertainty about our future as human beings.  A world, perfectly harmonious, suddenly had collapsed or been washed away forever.  The sudden disappearance of the eternal paradise of childhood!” – Azzedine Kechroud


This book is a call coming from deep inside the heart for reconciliation of all children of Algeria without exception who were born and raised in this land that is holy Algeria.
It is aimed to all my French-Algerian brothers who defended an ideal, their ideal, they believed so firmly in: The French Algeria! Yes, they have a right, too, a right to respect and to a homeland of Algeria on this earth that is absolutely theirs because it saw how they were born and grew up.
But also to all my Algerian brothers who fought for their ideal: A free and independent Algeria!
All, as we are, children of Algeria, we fought for the love of Algeria that we all loved madly. Everybody in his own way, of course, but we all had a single ideal in the heart: Love of Algeria! And just for that reason, we cannot deny forever that finally the day of forgiveness of Atonement came!

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