Oxford Road – Derek Walsh


Hope and humour after hitting rock bottom.

Oxford Road is an original, imaginative and engaging novel by Derek Walsh that will appeal to fans of adult fiction, romance and dark humour.

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Life-changing events often herald a much-needed rebirth. When Alastair McLeish-Pidkin arrives in Reading, leaving a failed marriage behind him, he has no idea of the incredible odyssey that awaits him. The town which he views as a distinct entity with its own pulse, soul and heartbeat, gradually reveals itself through its varied characters, shared experiences and bizarre twists. Who is Mayfly? Who is Dave? And, doesn’t everyone need a Dave? Alastair definitely does…

Our central character Alastair has undoubtedly hit rock bottom, but hope is in sight as he takes an unorthodox route to recovery and escapes suicide with a full-blown 360-degree turn. The originality of this story instantly immerses readers eager to follow Alastair down his unusual, life-affirming pathway to salvation. Quirky sequences sit fantastically alongside relatable themes that resonate deeply with readers who sympathise with the damaged but repairable Alastair character.

Superbly written with a distinct range of styles, the author communicates through clouded messages and curious ‘voices’ with a mesmerising mix of reality and the sublime. Alastair’s shabby tent becomes a promising temple of optimism, while his special ‘tree seat’ becomes a sanctuary. And, while grounded in a recognisable urban setting, readers are transported down the dark streets Alastair inhabits and the dizzying decisions he makes. The author’s mind-bending narrative is brought to life with a host of charismatic supporting characters who surround the complex, chaotic and troubled protagonist.

Oxford Road is a story which readers can connect to on many levels while being prompted into surges of sympathy and smiles. A well-constructed and compelling book, in essence, this is an intensely moving human story, making it an inspiring read from start to finish.

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Oxford Road is available to order from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk)
Price: £14.99 (Paperback); £3.19 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 390
ISBN-10: 1838012788
ISBN-13: 978-1838012786

Recent Reviews:

“I thoroughly enjoyed “Oxford Road” by Derek Walsh. I like his description of personalities and characters. It is funny and yet sad. A truly inspiring novel that deserves a lot of credit.” – Brian Jackson, Amazon Reader

“Insightful, thoughtful, funny and at times sad. I was gripped right at the beginning of this book. The main character was complex, flawed and brave with the most endearing level of humanity. A person I would be happy to know. It was vibrant not only in the personalities that filled this story, but also in the ways they connect with the reader. Beautifully written.” – Angela Miller

“A fascinating peek into the chaos of a life where crutches are smoked or swallowed, sometimes both. This novel is written in a fascinating style that even in the story’s darkness has humour and wit that will have you smiling; well it did me. A good read.” – Les W.

“Great read. Captures city life alongside the complexities of a singular life in a gripping tale.” – Miriam Connor

“What a joy to read! He absolutely captures an area, a feeling and a mood like few I’ve read. He invites the reader into this world, a world, which the protagonist has with precision, crafted entirely by himself. He employs an interesting narrative in that while setting the scene and driving the story, he sometimes breaks off and speaks directly to the reader! I’m not sure if this technique has been employed before. Prior to this, I hadn’t experienced it. I like it a lot, as it serves to draw the reader even more into the story. And to use one of the character’s line’s – “that is mental!” And it is; but in a really good way!” – David James

About the Author

Derek read Humanities at the University of Luton. It was during this period that he developed a keen interest in literature. As well as an interest in literature, he has also written songs for the various bands that he has been involved with as a lead vocalist. One of these songs, ‘Oxford Road’, chronicles chapter two of his novel of the same name. Script writing is also an interest of his. He is currently working on a short film which is planned for release in early 2021. The human condition and all its complexities fascinate him. This coupled with living in Reading – a town which he describes as a “rich larder of inspiration”, fuels his passion for storytelling, and it is these components, which form the basis of the odyssey that comprise his novel, Oxford Road.