Out of the Box – Leroy Smith


A meaningful memoir with an impassioned message.
Leroy’s life story and turnaround is especially relevant today
amid the current unrest and apparent injustice.

Out of the Box is the powerful and revealing story of Leroy Smith, a reformed ex-convict who was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment for shooting two police officers in Brixton in 1993.

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In another lifetime, Leroy chose crime, guns, robberies, jailbreaks and drugs until his arrest in 1994, on US soil, when he was arrested by an FBI Swat team. With unfiltered honesty, Out of the Box shines a light on his descent into a world of crime, his incredible experiences and what he learnt while boxed up in jail. In this insightful autobiography, Leroy revisits the deadly, gun-toting ganglands of London, New York and Kingston (Jamaica) and delves inside the British prison system, questioning how and why its problems are rife. With first-hand knowledge, he examines the pecking orders, describing the rule of the ‘Deen’ (of Muslim convicts), who answer to neither gangster nor governor but only to Allah. He takes readers ‘outside the boxes’, with an eye-opening analysis of those who rule over us – the politicians present and past.

Out of the Box is a meaningful memoir that serves a real purpose to educate and inspire its readers. Highlighting his mistakes and acknowledging he fought himself out of his box the hard way, Leroy’s story is a recognition of how, where and why he went so wrong. He writes with a passion and a point-blank aim to encourage the next generation of vulnerable black people to avoid repeating his own mistakes. At its core, Leroy’s thought-provoking story is seriously shocking and disturbing, with startling facts about post-code gang stabbings and the unspeakable gun violence experienced by young boys who have lost their path. Leroy questions why deadly violence is so prevalent in inner cities and, in no uncertain terms, his message remains clear – guns and gangs will get you nowhere.

Brilliantly told, Leroy’s incredible story instantly commands its reader’s attention from the start. Though clearly regretting his past and the direction he took, Leroy never seeks sympathy but writes with one mission – to be a positive and persuasive voice. From a wronged felon to a remarkable role model, Leroy seeks solace in his new identity as an author who has turned his life around to become a force for good. With Leroy’s voice leaping from the pages, Out of the Box is a truly inspirational book that can help prevent underprivileged men from spiralling into a life of street-gang crime that was once his reality.

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Price: £2.99 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 146
Publisher: Outoftheboxbook Publisher Limited (2016)

“Out of the Box is an excellent read, a brutally honest account of the making of a criminal, which pulls no punches, or makes excuses, just says it as it was. This is a fascinating and valid account of the cost to society when young, damaged lives are not repaired. It deserves to be very widely read. Now out of the box and free, Leroy Smith is setting out on a new and straighter path. I wish him every success. He has more than paid his dues.”
Eric Allison, Guardian Prisons Correspondent

About the Author

Leroy Smith is a writer, mentor and motivational public speaker who directs his talks at young people who might be heading down the wrong path in life. He has given talks describing his experiences at City University London, numerous schools, colleges and youth centres around the country.

Leroy is Founder of the initiative, Out of the Box Community Effort, which targets young people in inner-city communities. His charity is dedicated to encouraging youngsters to avoid a life of gang inclusion, crime and violence and instead, look towards enrolling in education to ultimately achieve a safe and prosperous career path.

In 2017, Leroy took part and contributed to the investigative documentary, Gun No. 6, directed by James Newton. This thought-provoking film tracked the journey of Gun No. 6, Britain’s most wanted firearm and brought together six former perpetrators of gun violence, examining why deadly violence and lethal weapons still exist on our streets.

Leroy’s story and previous interviews recounting his incredible early life experiences have been featured in numerous published articles.

It is perhaps a testament to the turnaround Leroy has made with his life that he is still in touch with one of the officers he was convicted of shooting.

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