Out Now! Stella’s Open Road Trip Journal by Stella Eden


Interactive, clever and colourful journal that inspires and motivates.

Stella’s open road trip journal by Stella Eden is a carefully-illustrated, interactive journal that takes readers, of any age, on a personal and creative journey to unlock their potential.

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Encouraging readers to focus on self-belief and being kind to themselves, the journal has an original concept, full of motivational drawings and mindful phrases. With its eye-catching design, this empowering publication invites readers to:
> write on the blank pages
> scribble on pictures,
> plan adventures,
> make to-do lists or tick lists,
> draw or doodle, and
> stick absolutely anything inside.

Stella’s open road trip journal is a journey of self-discovery, inspiring and motivating readers with pages of bright ideas, inventive dot-to-dots and thought-provoking captions, as the author explains:Journals are a life-long friend that can travel with you everywhere.”

 With a series of clever puns and positive quotes, readers are prompted to ‘expresso themselves’, ‘dream it, do it’ or even just relax and ‘paws for thought’! At the book’s heart (on the centre page) is a symbolic mountain, instructing readers to ‘climb, plot and plan their progress’ as each step guides them closer to their goals.

Entertaining and enjoyable, Stella’s open road trip journal is a wonderful book full of inspirational and motivational ideas, reminding readers that they are in charge of their lives and can be anything they choose to be.

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Price: Introductory price of £10.99 rising to £12.99 from 23rd October.
Pages: 216
Printed format: Paperback

Other titles by the same author: The Right to be Me; Stella Eden’s memoir was published in 2017).

About the Author

Sheffield-based author, Stella Eden, began writing a journal when she was recovering from the impact of trauma and domestic abuse. These terrible past experiences had brought on anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks and her own loss of identity. For Stella, writing her journal became a cathartic process, helping her rediscover who she is and setting her on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In the inspiring Stella’s open road trip journal, she shares the techniques and approaches that really helped, such as prioritising wellbeing, self-care and mindfulness. With gentle guidance and positive vibes, Stella encourages readers to make space to be themselves, be creative and explore the endless possibilities that are out there: “This is the journal I needed when I was a teenager and later on in life. Journals are a fantastic sphere, where you can dream, explore and be creative to live the life you want”.