No Accountability – Keith Lawton


“Great read tells it how it is honest with a sense of humour thrown in.” SR


“Gritty reality of how tragedy ripples can spin a cycle of loss. Keith’s memoir takes one along his personal journey for answers and peace. I wish him well.” – Amazon Customer

Keith Lawton is a victory.

A victory over neglect.  A victory over torment.  A victory over a harrowing and painful past.

keith-lawton1Born to an alcoholic father and a schizophrenic mother, Keith Lawton did not have a childhood – he had a ticking bomb. His father’s death and his mother’s illness lit the fuse, and the shattered debris of his life has taken a lifetime for him to even attempt to repair after circumstances marooned him in the national scandal that is the British “Care” system.

“No Accountability” is the autobiography of someone who refused to stand mute witness to his own destruction at the cruel, abusive hands of others. It is a selfless true story of a secret past endured in the darkness of silence brought out into the light with bravery, and humour.

“No Accountability” is the sequel to the acclaimed debut “No Photographs”

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“Read Keith’s story, read how Keith functioned, coped and conquered.  Read his story and imagine Keith was your little boy, imagine your own flesh and blood going through what he did.
Keith, you are the bravest person i know, I applaud your honesty, pain and humour.” – Superjulie