New Routes to Funding – Barry E James




“The combination of the theory and all the data was a real eye-opener for us. So we can see it becoming more and more a mainstream option for business advisers.” Steve Carroll, Professional Business Advisor

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This book is intended principally for people who advise entrepreneurs and businesspeople on access to finance and their clients.

The funding landscape has changed fundamentally in the last decade because of the advent of the internet, social web, fintech and crowdfunding.

It is changing still and new tools are needed to navigate. But more than that a clear understanding of the key models and how they work, work together and interwork with the established models of grants, loans and equity (VC or Angel funding) is essential.

There are a wide range of new, often untapped, opportunities for established companies, growth companies and startups once you understand this and especially, how they can be combined and work together.

As a result both seed and business finance are no longer 100% dependent on bank, stock markets or city finance. This is non-corporate (or non-bank) finance and it has a different heartbeat. Understanding that heartbeat can pay huge dividends, especially as we move from the initial pioneering stage into the next one.

The role of this book is to help advisors, and others, to understand this new landscape so they can better advise clients. To appreciate the landscape as it now is rather than how it was a decade or two ago. With a more advanced, ‘deeper dive’ section, to help understand the fundamentals of the new models.

It is arranged into sections, following the introductory ones:

  • Advising Clients in a New Landscape – Harnessing new and old
  • A Deeper Dive – How It Works
  • Case Studies and Appendices

to help ‘cut to the chase’ for those who just need the basics and to be able to direct clients appropriately around this new landscape, with the more advanced understanding organised separately for those who need a deeper grasp to be able to combine and work with these new models more directly.

New Routes to Funding explains in plain terms:
  • How crowdfunding really works
  • Who can use it – and how
  • How it can be used to transform a venture, large or small
  • And how crowdfunding can unlock other sources of finance
New Routes to Funding will also:
  • provide the means for innovators and entrepreneurs to hone their skills
  • prove the worth of their proposition
  • and accelerate their venture

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About the Author

barry-jamesBarry James is a serial entrepreneur and technologist, writer and conference creator who founded TheCrowdfundingCenter, now a global resource for #Crowdfunding, & FundingHubs an innovation to support entrepreneurs globally. He has a long history in #Fintech stretching back to the late 1970s. Founder of the UK’s first national conference, Crowdfunding:Deep Impact, he has been at the forefront of the development of Fintech and crowdfunding in the UK, and internationally, since its earliest days helping found the UK’s All-Party-Parliamentary-Group on the subject and, founding #RegTech, influencing the nature and direction of regulation. As a pioneering systems and ecosystem architect, he and his team remain active in creating new models and new technology, including the creation of more than 100 funding hubs worldwide.