Ned Mutton & the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy by Adam Mansell


Fish-finger hero is a fun and festive treat for readers.

Ned Mutton and the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy by Adam Mansell is an entertaining and engaging book for young and adult readers alike. With bratty children, bad snowmen and a bad-ass plot, this imaginative story brims with quirky characters and comic chaos from start to finish.

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Ned Mutton likes smashing things up! This foul little boy loathes his parents, his neighbours and nearly everything else. He likes being vile, pulling the legs off spiders and kicking small dogs. One day Ned meets another like-minded boy whose father is an unscrupulous property developer. After proving himself a willing vandal, Ned is sent on a mission to smash up an old frozen food factory.

But legends tell of pale monsters who haunt this building and who slice the fingers off all they catch. And now Ned has found them and they want more than his fingers. They want something so terrible that it could change the fate of humanity. Join Ned and a host of deranged allies and demented enemies to see if he really can save the world from the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy.

Ned Mutton and the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy embraces slapstick comedy and has a fantastically original storyline. Ned’s side-splitting scrapes and crazy adventures captivate readers page after page, as the hilarious fish-finger plot unfolds:

This time, Ned shouted. “You two, stop this!” He stomped between them and, like a tiny referee before a boxing match, gave them his thoughts. “Now listen. We’ve been sent on a mission to get fish fingers and that’s what we’re going to do. This is a top-secret mission and we can’t have morale fall apart, can we? My mum and dad are in there.” He pointed back to the chiller factory. “And I want to get them free and the only way I’m going to do that is to get twenty boxes of fish bloody fingers for your boss, so stop this nonsense and come on!”

Well-written with a great comic dialogue, the author has created a host of delightfully devilish characters, including: the foul Fabien, Melton Mowbray III (a despotic bully and head snowman) and the deranged inventor, Lionel Frampton.

While Ned is a cheeky chap from the start, it is impossible not to love him and back him on his quest to save the world and his transformation, from lovable rogue to fish-finger hero, will have readers laughing out loud. And, like many a great book, Ned Mutton and the Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy has a moral heartbeat at its base, an anti-bullying theme hinted at early on when Ned’s mum brusquely warns him:

One day, Ned Mutton, you will regret being a bully and being cruel to things. All bullies get what’s coming to them. You mark my words, young man.”

This is an amusing, action-packed story crammed with japes, jaunts and jokes. It also has a charming conclusion when Ned’s journey to fix things and find friends comes off.

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Price: £8.99 (Paperback); £1.99 (Kindle)
Pages: 284
Publisher: PublishNation (December, 2018)
ISBN-10: 0244075824
ISBN-13: 978-0244075828

Recent Reviews

“A great book for adults as well as children! This book had me laughing from start to finish.”

“Ned Mutton is a twist on the normal hero, although starting out as an inconsiderate brat you will grow to love him by the end!”

“There are lots of quirky and interesting characters throughout the book who will put a smile on your face and keep you turning the page. The ending was complete chaos and an excellent climax to the plot, everything came together hilariously.”

“Good story line, with twists and turns that weren’t expected and unlikely heroes. Could be enjoyed by adults or able reading children. A good read.”

“A very enjoyable book, who knew snowmen we’re capable of such things! A joy to read and keeps you engaged, couldn’t put it down.”

“The whole family enjoyed reading this book…Its full of surprises and fun. The author has an amazing imagination.”

About the Author

Devon-based author and father to two young children, Adam Mansell has been writing – on and off – for 15 years. Adam’s influences and interests in writing come from various sources, such as: general history, folklore, military history and mythology. Ned Mutton and The Fiendish Fish Finger Conspiracy’ is his debut book. Adam has just finished writing a British fantasy novel and there are many more brilliant ideas in the pipeline. One of which will be the return of Ned Mutton.