My Madly Bonkers Life – Margaret Morgan


With madcap adventures, this inspiring teen read pulls on the heart strings.

My Madly Bonkers Life by talented author, Margaret Morgan, is an unmissable and heartfelt novel aimed at teenagers and young adult readers.

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Snooks is now used to her father being both Mum and Dad since Mum’s departure last year. She also likes his new girlfriend, Trish. What Snooks and Dad soon learn will tip them upside down, drawing Trish and Mum’s new boyfriend, Anton, into the Madly Bonkers Life Snooks lives through. As life normalises, she and Dad go to have bone marrow tests to save a rather special boy!  

Brilliantly written, My Madly Bonkers Life centres around the loveable and loopy Snooks as she negotiates her feelings towards her parents in the aftermath of their separation. Life turns out to be more mad than simple, as she tries to behave for her heartbroken Dad, not blame her Mum and come to terms with meeting their new partners:

Yes. I feel bad, because he is nice to me, in his fussy Dad type way. He’s never been a father and mother before, so he is a bit too careful

“…Mum has broken his heart, so I blow him a kiss and get a lovely smile and wave in return.”

Mum moans about my hair, but I won’t have it cut. As she left us, I don’t think she should tell me what to do anymore…

I think of Mum, but I don’t feel guilty a bit. Then, I feel guilty, because I don’t feel guilty. This is the madly bonkers bit I told you about.”

The chaos continues and school presents other problems for Snooks, with bullying friends and an unfortunate netball accident. Bruised and confused, she ends up at hospital in the Children’s Ward under Doctor Dishy’s supervision and a suspected case of concussion. Then, life takes the worst ever turn when Snooks receives the dreadful news that her Mum has cancer, making her heart go ‘madly bonkers’. Returning to hospital as a visitor, Snooks befriends Brian who is also seriously ill. Will Snooks and her Dad be able to save him?

I find out that the boy from hospital is Brian, and he likes some electronic music I’ve never heard of. He’s happy at home and they’re hoping for a miracle. “Yes. We’re hoping for one too,” I say, to make him feel better. “If they can and a bone marrow donor, then he’s got a chance, I mean…”

My Madly Bonkers Life is a roller-coaster read with heart-warming characters that bring Snook’s whacky world to life. Tackling tricky subjects yet tinged with down-to-earth humour, the book takes many twists and turns as Snooks navigates her home life, emotions and unforeseen circumstances. In essence, this is an uplifting story of unconditional parental love and the ups and downs of a teenage life that is crazier than most.

It would be madness to ignore such an engaging and brilliant book. Review Copies of My Madly Bonkers Life and interviews with the author are available on request. Contact us here for details.

Pages: 222
Price: £7.99 (Paperback); £4.99 (Kindle Edition)
ISBN-10: 191370422X
ISBN-13: 978-1913704223

 About the Author

Margaret Morgan was born in 1950 and brought up on a farm in Herefordshire on the Welsh border. 

After A levels she went to train as a physical education teacher, teaching first in Bournemouth, Dorset, with subsequent jobs in Bournemouth and overseas, teaching English as a Foreign Language and PE.  This was followed by a period overseas teaching junior children.

Returning to the UK in 1985, Margaret taught in London Prep Schools, teaching for the London Day Schools Entrance Exam at 11+. Having been diagnosed with MS in 1995, Margaret had to retire in 2002. Since then she has been writing.

Margaret’s first historical novel Mrs McKeiver’s Secrets, was published in 2012; since then Mrs McKeiver’s Solutions and Mrs McKeiver’s Remedies have been published by Publishing Push. Margaret has also published six Young Adult novels on Amazon Kindle, which are soon to be published in paperback.

Since lockdown began Margaret has published a Children’s bedtime storybook, Ethan’s Dream. Ethan is the grandson of one of her friends who adores diplodocus. In the book, his dream comes true as two diplodocus, Enrico and Dolly, live near him at Hengistbury Head, an area of Bournemouth where Margaret now lives with her husband.