Mum’s Story – Vlora Morina


These dual stories will show children the power of imagination at work.” – Vlora Morina

Mum’s Story is a fun children’s book filled with imaginative humour and featuring
an interesting twist-a story within a story.

Children are drawn into the lives of two sisters, Rose and Lily, as they interact with a mixture of rivalry and friendship. The girls are intrigued when their mum announces she has a special task for them: she has written a children’s story, and she wants them to read it and tell her what they think.

Her story is about a city boy named Alexander whose parents leave him with his mum’s old aunty in the country. Although he is intimidated by her big house and the wide-open spaces, Alexander tries climbing a tree. While enjoying his triumph, he decides to use a branch to paint little men in the sky. When his imagination brings the fantastical creatures to life, he has lively and amusing adventures with his new friends. Through creativity, Alexander is able to expand his world and boost his self-confidence, while the girls discover through reading their mum’s story that people can be full of surprises.

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Mum’s Story is available in eBook and paperback.
There is also an accompanying colouring book available

“I really like the relationship between Lily and Rose which I found endearing and funny.  I also really enjoyed the story within a story element of it. Alexander and his aunt have an interesting relationship – I enjoyed the way Alexander learns about his aunt and their relationship develops as the story goes on.  It is a lovely story full of humour and imagination.”
Megan Quin, Primary school teacher


About the Author

Vlora Morina is an Albanian from Kosovo and a British citizen. She has served as an interpreter for refugees of the Kosovo War while working with the British Red Cross and the Refugee Council, and she has translated for a legislative program and a law firm.

She currently lives in London, where she works as a Central Booking Administrator at Whittington Hospital. Mum’s Story is Vlora’s first children’s book.

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When Alexander left the house, he felt lost and dizzy again.

Aunty’s house stood in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors and nothing around. All he could see from afar was a small tree trunk with two separate bushes on top, standing alone in the middle of a field.

He felt down again, because he didn’t know what to do. Then he thought he’d rather stay outside than go back to his aunty in that run-down house. He decided to walk, focusing on the tree as it was the only thing around.

Wow! It’s taller than it looked from the house, thought Alexander.

He decided to go back to the house and see if he could find something to help him climb the tree. He found his aunty sleeping on the sofa.

Alexander slowly took a chair; his hands were trembling, because his aunty was snoring like a noisy, old tractor. He pulled out the chair and dragged it all the way to the tree.

This is going to be real hard work, thought Alexander. He took a deep breath as he planned his mission to climb the tree.

He stepped on the chair and then stretched his hands out to reach the lower branches. Once he reached them, he pulled the branches with both hands and put his feet on the trunk. As he struggled his feet slipped, but he pushed harder and finally managed to climb the tree.

He sat on the tree trunk that split like two fat wings, enjoying the triumph, and he began to feel like he was riding a horse.

“Ah!” groaned Alexander as he sat back looking up at the sky mixed with rays of sunshine. “I wish I had my pencils with me,” said Alexander as he closed his eyes and sat back on the tree. How nice it would be if I could draw right now, he thought. He could feel sweat rolling down like little snakes on his back.

He sat up, pulled off a tail-shaped branch that looked like a brush, sat back, and pretended he was painting in the sky.

“Only the colors are missing now,” said Alexander.

As he looked up in the sky, he thought of his aunty’s gray head. He moved his hand, pretending to color the tip of the birch on his aunty’s head. He turned his birch back in an arch and started to paint a little man in the sky by moving his hand up and down.

This time he picked the colors of his aunty’s multicolored, striped dress and painted a man.

Back with his hand again, he picked the color of his aunty’s old-fashioned glasses and painted another man.

Alexander felt as free as a bird, knowing that not a single thing was around to see him.

“Well, this looks like fun,” he said, moving his hand back and forth.

He was thinking hard about what else he could pick from his aunty. Alexander moved his hand while holding the birch, and suddenly he thought of the blue color of her makeup that he’d noticed while she was sleeping on the sofa.

He painted another man.

Alexander’s colors started to run out since his aunty’s style was casual and plain. Also, his hand was aching, so he decided to do some finishing touches before he rested.

“My god, they look like real creatures,” said Alexander, staring at the little men he’d pretended to paint in the sky.

“Hi, I am Rock!” said the gray-colored, little man.

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