Morgan Merryweather and the Cloak of One Thousand Stars – C E Child


“Great characters that are very believable. The book also has the added bonus of yummy vegan treats, must try the chocolate cake!!” – Michael Lieberum

Morgan Merryweather and the Cloak of One Thousand Stars by [Child, Carey]


Suddenly the doorbell rang. He was early, Morgan thought as she pulled the heavy door open to reveal an extremely tall dark-haired man dressed like he was in a Shakespeare play.

“Rubin is in trouble can you come now? I can’t explain but he will when you get there. Please come with me.” He said furtively looking around him.

Morgan felt fear slither around her. How did this man know where she lived or who she was? Not hesitating though, she grabbed her cloak and swung the door shut behind her. She followed the man to a large black car with darkened windows and went to get in when he pushed her from behind so she fell onto the seat and hissed

“No trouble we got her.”

The driver took off as if the police was chasing him. He drove for miles with Morgan sitting scared but alert. She could not work out where they were going as the door guy had covered her head in a black hood but she realised they were leaving London because she could just make out the outline of trees flitting by. They drove in silence until the driver said

“We are here.”

Without another word Morgan was pulled from the car and roughly pushed along. She tripped over a path. Waiting whilst one of the men took the hood off she saw they were in a wood in front of a huge dark imposing house, which had creeper all over it. It had an air of menace about it. Morgan suddenly realised that this was not going to have a good ending and felt her heart beating fast against her chest. What did he mean? Where was Rubin? What was her role in all this?

“We got her,“ her abductor announced to another man inside the house.

“Now he will come and we can finish this.”

Morgan raised her eyes and felt more scared than she had ever been in her life. In front of her was a man again dressed like he was in a play but what she noticed were his eyes cold, black and soulless . It was like looking death in the face but a very, very bad death.

What was happening? How could she escape and where was Rubin? She wanted to warn him not to come but did not know how as they had taken her bag with her phone in.

“Put her downstairs.”

The man said and she was dragged off to be shoved into a dark empty room with no windows down some stairs. Morgan looked around as the door clunked shut and heard the metal as the key turned in the lock. She wrapped her cloak tightly around her and furiously tried to work out what she was going to do and what were they going to do with her? She instinctively knew the answer was bad.

She stood still assessing her options and realised she had none. She sent a message to Rubin in her head trying to warn him of the danger and suddenly she could feel him in her thoughts saying

“Ok baby. I’m so sorry you have been scared I can feel your fear but I’m on my way. Hold on just a bit longer. He won’t hurt you because he wants me there too.”

Morgan just let out her breath and thought will he hurt me when Rubin gets here then? She sent her thoughts to Rubin.

“Thanks I’m so scared, please help me. They want you, I’m bait so be careful.”

She never thought to question how he could speak to her in her head she just knew he could. She shivered and waited wondering what would happen?

Suddenly the tall man who instilled fear in her was there right against her face and spoke

“I know he’s coming, I’m ready and waiting. I knew he’d come for you so it’s a double whammy. It’s you I’m really interested in but if he comes too then I can remove him at the same time. Mr. Rubin de Silva is a thorn in my side and has been for many years.”

He smiled with his mouth but his eyes remained cold black chips.

“Oh! Please be careful Rubin” she thought and immediately like a phone pinging she heard his warm voice in her head

“I will baby, not long now. I’m almost there”.

She waited and waited for what seemed hours, as her heart beat so fast, it felt like it was going to explode out of her throat. but in reality was minutes until again the man was there. He grabbed her and roughly pushed her out and up the stairs. Her eyes blinked trying to adjust to the light and waited huddled into her cloak. Fear seemed to enter every pore of her body as she stood waiting. Morgan felt panic rise, she tried to quash it, as this would not be the best time to have an anxiety attack. Random thoughts ran through her brain as she wondered if this was to be her demise.

Morgan wondered if this was how all people felt going to their death. There was an overwhelming sense of fear and panic but then that was replaced with a weird calm.


“A wonderful story with great moral foundation! So suited to young women to encourage their strength today. The recipes that Morgan follows promote healthy eating and are easy to follow! Will look forward to the next book in the series!!! Excellent read!” – SDL

Morgan Merryweather was, for all intents and purposes, a normal girl. Or so she thought. She spent her days making online posts, creating vegan food and hanging out with her friends.

All that changed when, by chance, she met a tall, dark, curly haired guy who turned out to be the most interesting man she had ever met. He changed her life beyond recognition. Life would never be the same when Mr.Rubin de Silva was in it. She found herself catapulted into a magical world of creatures battling light against dark.

Rubin showed Morgan she was actually a witch, a powerful witch, whose mission in life was to save the world from the dark powers that threatened to destroy it. With the help of her cloak, a present from her mother, she took on the forces of evil and found out who she really was.


From the Author

“I live in West London with my two dogs, a bulldog and a yorkipoo. I have three sons for whom I wrote stories when they were growing up. I have written all my life but this is the first trilogy I have done.

Cooking has always been a passion so I decided to incorporate this love with my love of writing. All the recipes are easy and can be adapted to add meat if so desired.

I decided to write about the empowerment of all women and how it is important to know your own strength.

I hope you like this story, if you do I would truly appreciate it if you could write a review as feedback is always helpful.”