Millionaire Indie Authors: PART 1 – Reviews


It’s no great secret that publishing is changing. Is it changing a lot? Has most of the change already happened? What does the future look like?

In this series of blog post we will uncover the facts and figures that prove the industry is changing. We will talk about what this means for authors. Most importantly we will answer the burning question. Are indie authors getting rich?

In part 1 below we talk about reviews.


The left chart shows a rating of 7,000 bestselling e-books. On the right the chart shows the average list price of the same 7,000 e-books.

Both charts break the books up into the same five categories. From left, they are: Indie Published, Small/Medium Publisher, Amazon Published (from imprints like 47North), Big Five published, and Uncategorized Single-Author.

Point to note. The self-published works in this sample have a higher average rating than the e-books from major publishers. Why might this be? The conspiracists argue it is down to self published authors coercing friends and family to review. Alterbatively it is argues that self published authors rate each other more favourably. However, the large number of reviews involved for most of these books, over a hundred on average makes each of these suggestions unlikely.

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A big thanks to www.authorearnings.com for the data and graphs.