The Millionaire Clown


We had the opportunity to interview author James Sinclair. James has seen tremendous success in business and he shares all in his new book The Millionaire Clown.

How did you come up with the idea for an entertainment business at such a young age?

I was in love with performing but also had a keen interest in business, at a young age I was selling sweets at school, it just happened, but combining entertainment and business was the perfect marriage.

Can you briefly explain the story of how your business came about, what challenges you faced and any influences or help you had?

I had to risk it all in the early days. Mortgaging my properties and taking on lots of nasty rate finance loans. I have always surrounded myself by people who are experts in their fields, asked questions and learnt from them whenever I can.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 14.11.21What made you decide to write a book about your experiences?

I knew that this book could help entrepreneurs. Ironically the title proves a point that no matter your background, if you follow a set of rules and continue to learn as you go, you can be a success – even as a clown. I’ve always been passionate about helping people do better and the book is set out to help people do just that. It is also a chance for people to see into my head and the way I think. Something I often get asked is “How do you juggle all this , how do you make it all work?”

What do you hope to achieve by publishing your book?

People achieving their goals by implementing the rules and lessons I have learnt.

Do you have any further aspirations for your entrepreneurial career?

I want to make Partyman a national brand, push the entrepreneurs network which is a free to join facebook group helping entrepreneurs to grow in knowledge and build a community.

I would like to do a Tv show like the fixer helping turnaround failing businesses. This is something I have done already multiple times.

Can you tell us about a unique or surprising element of the book that the reader would not know about initially?

The book is structured for easy reading. Its not a lengthy text book, nor is it one of the cliché books on how to be a rich person. It’s about the business needs as much as it is about the owner developing what makes a good leader is essential for success.

The book emphasis is that its not just about business and profits its about you as an individual developing the attributes I have used to grow.

Most importantly it’s all based on experience not theory.