My Cancer Journal

Melanie Green (Mel) had it all – or at least all that she wanted. A great husband, wonderful children, a fabulous family and friend network, a good job, a lovely home in Suffolk, and even a cave house in Spain! But a week after her 48th birthday her world came crashing down with the words “I’m afraid it’s cancer”.

Mel started blogging about her experiences, knowing nothing about cancer, or its treatment, thinking cancer was cancer and chemo was chemo. But Seriously, Who Knew there were so many options?

Mel started a blog to write about her experiences. It was a cathartic way for Mel to release her anger, frustration, fear, and humour. It also began to touch the heart of anyone who read it – and they also seemed to be learning about the ‘joys’ of cancer along with Mel and her family. Mel decided to expand the blogs, add some other life chaos in the mix.

This is what spawned the idea for her book – But Seriously, Who Knew?
From an awful experience Mel has launched an entirely new career at 52 years of age. She receives messages of thanks from people all over the world. They are thanking her for helping them through cancer themselves or facing the prospect of a loved one going through the process.

She had originally been retired but is now writing more. Spurred on my the success of her first book. Mel is travelling with her husband Graham (Big G) and writing daily. More books will be on the way for this author.

Mel has also released a journal ‘My Cancer Journal’ to help people with cancer have a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings, whilst also keeping on top of all of the admin chaos that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis.