Maya – Teren Hanz


Thirty-Five Years & Three Continents in the Remarkable Life of Maya Sian


“This is a very touching account of Maya’s struggles, told in a very truthful, easy to read way that will have you hooked while clutching at the tissues one minute and laughing the next. A must read that is highly recommended!”Anika

The true story of Maya recounts thirty-five years in the life of a remarkable and inspiring woman. Her uplifting story is typical of many women born in India in the 1950s through the 1970s. It tells of exacting societal expectations, control, and limitations. Ultimately, it is also the story of how Maya gradually overcomes tremendous obstacles, mastering herself in order to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

A teenaged Maya endured being parlayed into marriage with a complete stranger, who is grossly misinterpreted to Maya’s family. She is subsequently whisked away to the new nation of Tanzania in Africa, where life-threatening dangers awaits, for which she is totally unaware and unprepared. In time, Maya sets her course upon a third continent and a pathway of self-discovery that leads to personal freedom and outstanding service within her community.

Maya undergoes a dramatic transformation of consciousness, realising that she must have the courage to break free from the societal and religious conditioning that has traditionally kept women suppressed and unable to see their true beauty and power.

Maya is about re-discovering the power that resides within. This soul-stirring book derives even greater strength in being drawn from the experiences of an entire generation of women who dared to dream of a more equitable world, and who also dared to evolve themselves from within to make that world a reality.

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About the Author


Teren Hanz was born and bred in India, educated by Swiss nuns, married in Africa and now lives in London where she teaches children of all abilities.

Teren’s mantra is: Nurture, Engage and Challenge


“There are many treasures shared with the reader in this book, and many opportunities for inner growth and learnings of how to get in touch with ones soul. Maya moves through from self pity to self fulfullment in her journey. This is a powerful story of a woman moving from disempowerment to empowerment. This book illustrates, through life’s teachings, that we can all move toward inner peace, respect for who we are and what we are capable of becoming, and beauty of spirit.”Raine

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