Maya Mysun & The World That Does Not Exist – P.M.Perry


“The best book of its kind since The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” – Jennifer Walters

The science of magic & the magic of science.

Maya Mysun is a dreamer; tormented by the vision of the wraith & an event she witnessed, something she cannot reveal to anyone not even to her protective twin, Jack.

Their thirteenth birthday was supposed to be the best one yet, but her troubles were just beginning. An unexplainable event forces the twins to flee their home in search for a mystical monk, the protector of the world that does not exist; the world of magic.

All her life Maya had dreamt of magic, but it was not supposed to be like this. On a perilous night the twins are forced to race across London, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of something dark.

Along the way they meet a rebellious runaway with an agenda of his own, discover an underground castle and a mysterious monastery with a hidden history and powerful artefacts.

Maya is scared, for there’s panic in the magical world, but she is determined to unravel the event that forced her to leave home; she bravely ventures deeper into a world filled with unheard of mythical beasts and challenges age-old gatekeepers. But in doing so she comes in contact with an evil long thought to be destroyed.

Discover a world of ancient prophecies and experience the beginning of a rampant adventure.

“A fantasy masterpiece! An exciting read that moves you, gives you the chills and keeps you on the edge of your seat! You will love the story development and strong characters of this extremely well-written book. Great for teens and anyone who loves a book that captivates!” – El


About the Author

PM Perry is an aspiring new author who lives and works in London, where he divides his time between writing, being an entrepreneur, and spending time with his family. Surprisingly he writes both fiction and non-fiction books. Maya Mysun & the World that does not Exist is his first novel based on a children’s magical adventure based in London.

Until recently, PM Perry, like so many of us was happy within his comfort zone working as a successful Manager. It was then that an unexpected change shook him from the comfort zone and empowered him to author a book and tick off one of the items on his bucket list.

Writing has enabled him to discover many friends around the globe: all highly motivated and wise individuals and all chasing their dreams. Writing also has allowed him to come out of his shell and live life by undertaking new ventures – in other words chase his dreams. Chase your dreams, try the impossible and live a little.

You can find out more or contact PM Perry at http://www.pm-perry.com

“Be whisked away into a world of fantasy and adventure.  Wizards, mythical beasts, warriors and an adventure that builds in its tempo. I like some of the new beasts the author has created and his descriptions are really picturesque.” – Christoph Schumacher


Something was wrong. Torackdan and Ebbelle were tensed, watching as something rose from up the stairs. In the dim light, Maya couldn’t quite make out what it was. To her it looked like darkness itself was rising. Then a part of the shadow broke free and floated up. As the dense black mist took shape, Maya realised what she was seeing: an undead spectre – a phantom – was forming. It continually shifted within itself, like hundreds of tangling snakes. Slowly, an apparition hooded in a dark medieval robe appeared.

‘A wraith!’ Ebbelle whispered.

‘Aldrr!’ said Torackdan.

There was no face within the black hood, just an abyss both disturbing and intriguing. Maya stared, unable to turn away. Aldrr hovered, rising and falling like a boat in gentle surf. From behind it came the sound of slow, deliberate steps and another figure came into view, wearing a dark green cape and carrying a staff. The face was hidden by a hood, but Maya was relieved to see that the person was about her own height and petite too.

Aldrr spoke: ‘The Master Konjurer of Konjiur, Torackdan, himself!’ Its voice was a shriek, filled with menace. ‘Ebbelle the Wanderer, my master shall be pleased with your efforts.’

Torackdan turned to Ebbelle. ‘I was right to suspect something, but never this! How could you, you traitor?’

‘Old friend -‘

‘No friend would commit such treachery!’

‘Pay heed, Torackdan, the defender of Konjiur.  I have seen what this boy before us can do.  He is aHiertan, a changer of hearts.’

‘Another lie!  There hasn’t been a Hiertan for centuries.’

‘Perhaps, but his powers grow.  You would be wise to change your alliances.  Let go of your responsibilities and join us.  If not, you will be made to surrender by force.’

‘Coward!  I’d rather die for a cause than live for nothing,’ Torackdan said, retreating towards the balcony.

Ebbelle flicked his staff and the doors slammed shut.  Two more bangs followed: the window and the other balcony.  Trapped, Torackdan stood defiantly with his staff poised.

‘Wizard,’ hissed Aldrr, ‘meet the boy you seek!  He serves our master now.  Join us, yield your staff, Tabioak, to our master’s command and you shall be spared.  What’s your answer?  Willing or not, Tabioak shall serve us.’

‘Boy!’ cried Torackdan, ignoring Aldrr.  ‘They’ve poisoned your mind with lies; come with me.  Let me take you to your parents.’ He stepped towards him, but the boy flicked his arm and hurled the long table at the wizard.  Torackdan raised Tabioak and deflected the table into the wall behind him.

A bright green light erupted and a beast of jade-coloured flames emerged from the boy’s staff.  A moment later gusts of wind blew from Torackdan’s staff and snuffed out the flaming creature before it could launch a fireball.  Pleased, Maya turned towards Torackdan but found him kneeling on the floor with Ebbelle standing over him, holding his staff like a club.  Tabioak lay on the floor a short distance away.

‘Forgive me, my friend, but you should have said yes… Ebbelle said.

“Takes the reader on an adventure-filled quest … with many paranormal characters, battles, tunnels and many kinds of excitement on every page … This book is sure to keep young readers hooked.” – Virginia Ritterbusch