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Why use our marketplace?

Publishing Push provides a marketplace for authors to find vetted experts from the publishing industry to create their book. Whether you need a cover designer, editor, illustrator, proofreader or typesetter we have you covered. All work is guaranteed.


Whichever part of the publishing process you need help with we have vetted experts who can deliver this for you. We place a HUGE emphasis on vetting freelancers to ensure we hire top professionals who deliver outstanding work in a reasonable timeframe. We wanted to create a better solution for authors who couldn’t afford our complete publishing package or just needed help with one part of the process but were comfortable doing the rest themselves.


Our freelancers are vetted so they won’t go silent on you or not deliver what they promised. If this was to occur then we would give you a full refund.

Top Publishing Professionals

We focus on hiring the best in the industry. We vet all the professionals on our platform OR we have personally worked with them and know the quality of their work.

Publishing Expert

One of our highly trained publishing experts will help match you with the correct publishing professional.


Our platform is in beta and we are taking applications from authors and freelancers. The platform will always remain exclusive because we want to ensure the highest level of production possible for authors. Please use the appropriate button below to submit your application to join our community. Please email us with your name, email and if you are a freelancer or author and we will be in touch with the next steps.

Recently Self-Published Author

Thanks to the Publishing Push team, for their amazing work and support. I had no idea about publishing but with Publishing Push everything was made clear…To be honest the team was more than I expected.


Thanks again for making my dream come true.


Paulette Graham

Self-Published Authors