Marcus Crane: One More Lifetime by Sue Gibbons


Spiritual transformation, self-discovery and heaven-sent hope.

Marcus Crane: One More Lifetime by S.A. Gibbons is an enlightening novel tracing one man’s grief and his extraordinary journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and personal evolution.

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Following the sudden, devastating loss of Ava, his life partner, Marcus Crane is unable to see a future. Before her untimely death, Ava had embarked upon a path of spiritual discovery, having uncovered conclusive proof that she had lived through another lifetime. A confirmed atheist, Marcus finds Ava’s increasingly compelling evidence impossible to accept. Grieving and with no purpose in his life, Marcus embarks upon a physical, spiritual and emotional journey which leads him to a shattering conclusion and a life-changing decision.

Will his astounding discovery change his life forever?

Marcus Crane: One More Lifetime is a fascinating story that delves into life’s inexplicable realms and addresses life’s biggest mysteries: what happens when we die? Is there a heaven and hell or is one life on Earth all there is? And, what if there is a third option? Perhaps, the author asks, we are here with a self-designed blue print, enabling us to evolve as spiritual beings before returning ‘home’.

This thought-provoking and impressive book explores wide-reaching, soul-searching questions through Marcus’s eyes, inviting readers into the upended world he inhabits following Ava’s untimely death. As he embarks on an incredible journey of spiritual discovery, a series of coincidences and unexplained messages force Marcus to question his beliefs and the direction his life is taking:

It’s OK, mate,” Marcus said, quietly, “my partner; she believed she’d lived before. That knowledge had a fundamental impact on her life but it gave her a peace; a clarity that enabled her to pass without any fear and I’m so grateful for that.” Marcus explained the journey Ava had taken, having established that her birth mother had also lived a previous life. “It’s taken me a while, mate,” Marcus felt the emotion rising inside him, “but I’m starting to wonder if there may just be something in this stuff.”

On his cathartic travels, the world and Marcus’ mind opens up to the previously unfathomable truths about life, death and the beyond before he reaches a new path to self-belief, hope and love.

A thought-provoking and uplifting book, Marcus Crane: One More Lifetime is an unmissable read for anyone interested in the occult, spiritualism, psychic mediums, past-life regression therapy and hypnotherapy.

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Price: £9.99 (Paperback); £5.99 (Kindle Edition)
Paperback: 404 pages
ISBN-10: 1838196706
ISBN-13: 978-1838196707

About the Author

Sue Gibbons is a qualified and skilled clinical hypnotherapist and had her first encounter with past-life regression during her hypnotherapy training in 2007. She has been fascinated with the subject ever since and has used her unconventional experiences to create her novel, One More Lifetime, the first in a series of Marcus Crane books. Sue is also a practitioner in neuro linguistic programming and has an MSc in coaching and behavioural change. A corporate leadership and sales trainer by trade, she published her first non-fiction book, Wired for Sales in 2018. Sue wrote Marcus Crane: One More Lifetime in 2020, combining her hypnotherapy experiences with her passion for motorcycling and personal development.