Manager to Leader by Thomas Lawrence


Press Release

8th February, 2021

Inspirational guide to growing and perfecting leadership skills

Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader by Tom Lawrence is the must-have book for anyone aspiring to become a leader or enhance their existing skillset.

Are you a manager or a supervisor? Do you feel the need to GROW into a leader? Do you want to learn how to become a highly effective leader?

Leadership is a role of service. It is the leader’s job to serve their people, not for the people to serve their leader. At the end of the day, leadership is about influencing people, NOT managing people or telling them what to do. In Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader, learn unconventional and winning techniques gained from the author’s personal experiences, mistakes and caring nature.

This informative book explains that effective leaders do well when they lead by example and show people that they care. When leading by example, people are building relationships, trust and increasing their influence. This engaging book argues without these three important traits that it is impossible to lead efficiently. 

Brilliantly written and well structured, Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader is an inspiring and essential resource that successfully teaches its readers how to achieve top leadership qualities. Highlighting the differences between management and leadership, chapter-by-chapter, this detailed book demonstrates how to:

> go beyond your position of manager and inspire your people.
> lead by example and show your people that you care for them.
> build strong relationships and build trust with your people.
> increase your influence with your people.

The authoritative advice in Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader will help every reader become the best leader they can be, inspiring readers to make a positive difference to their world and other people’s lives. This book is now available to buy from Amazon and all recommended bookshops.

Review Copies of Manager To Leader and interviews with the author are available on request. Contact us here for details.

Price: £12.95 (Paperback); £8.97 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 116

About the Author

There are hundreds of books that teach us how to be a ‘leader’. Most of them are good and teach the right things. However, the author, Tom Lawrence has seen very few books on leadership that teach us how to influence people, take our personal growth seriously, or even lead if you’re not in a ‘leadership position’. Tom wants to change that by writing books for people who are interested in leading and inspiring others. He wants to help people who are not in a leadership position but are aspiring to become a leader, current managers who want to take the next step and become highly effective leader, and to help senior leaders enhance their leadership skills.

Tom began his career in 1999 as an apprentice mechanical engineer, working for an automotive company in Liverpool, UK. After completing his apprenticeship, he was made redundant from that company and had to find other work, that is when he joined the rail industry working for Merseyside’s train operator. He worked there for six years, and during that time he achieved his degree in mechanical engineering, his master’s degree in maintenance engineering, and he started his first leadership role as a project manager in 2009.

After leaving Liverpool in 2011, he has worked in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London where he currently lives. Tom became a chartered engineer in 2013, and is a mentor for new and upcoming engineers working towards their chartership. Working in these different cities he had remained within the rail industry and led different types of engineering teams, learning and practicing different leadership styles. For more information about Tom’s online programme and details of his first e-book, Increase Your Influence, visit www.highlyeffectiveleader.com​​​​​​​