Making Sense of Life – Richard Alabone


Challenging the core beliefs of life and the philosophy of biology.

Making Sense of Life: Explaining Genes & Telepathy is the bold and thought-provoking book by Richard Alabone that unravels the mysteries of genes and telepathy with a revolutionary solution to the problems of biology and the enigma of life.

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Making Sense of Life brilliantly challenges current scientific thinking to correct misunderstandings and anomalies. Biologists are faced with the awkward conundrum that DNA is not just a book of instructions but a personal identity code enabling direct copying from parents to children. Comparing DNA to a phone number, Making Sense of Life suggests life is merely a perpetual copying machine, replicating the parents by copying personality, internal organs, the brain’s operating system and instinctive behaviour: “Our unique DNA code is only two per cent of the total, but it is no more than a key enabling us to copy parental features, while the other ninety-eight per cent of our DNA is no more than a record of the changes to characteristics in our species, which have been carried forward since the beginning of time.”

Delving further into the study of epigenetics (‘above genetics’), Making Sense of Life shows how life proceeds above the book of instructions theory, appreciating how life and our subconscious operate through a complex copying mechanism. The author draws on his life-long interest in the paranormal and science, suggesting how psychic experiences are inextricably linked to the fundamentals of life and biology. Each chapter reveals new ideas, ingeniously merging the fields of science with the paranormal. Embracing new strands of thought, the book puzzles out everything from evolution and human growth to telepathy, spiritualism, ghosts and reincarnation.

Making Sense of Life examines information flow in humans and the mind-boggling concepts of differentiation, cell division and quantum physics. The author raises burning questions, such as how people on a cellular level can experience paranormal interactions throughout their lives, via telepathy, mediumship and other psychic experiences? The forward-thinking book also plunges into biological inheritance, diversity and Charles Darwin’s longstanding theory of evolution. With compelling views and academic conviction, the author’s new core theory interlinks biology, philosophy and a deeper understanding of DNA coding that ‘completes’ the theory of evolution: “Biology has a fundamental problem in that genetics has to be rewritten, as DNA is only an identity code, with all life proceeding by copying the previous generations. This then shows us how heredity works, which has been the problem with the theory of evolution.”

This is an intelligent exploration of unexplained paradoxes, difficulties and anomalies in the science of life. A monumental read, Making Sense of Life makes sense of the mysteries surrounding our biology and the inexplicable world of the paranormal. It diligently deciphers the integration of the philosophy of biology, genes and DNA, telepathy, inheritance and evolution and proposes a new core theory of biology. Making Sense of Life is a revolution for scientific thinkers and philosophers which will alter theories on consciousness and evolution forever: “Surely the science in all these areas will never be the same again.”

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Price: £9.95 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978 1 78972 953 5
Publisher: Independent Publishing Network, 2019; Second Edition, March 2020

About the Author

Richard was born in Croydon in 1930 and has been studying psychic experiences for more than 60 years. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research and the Scientific and Medical Network in the UK. Richard retired from a career as a research and development engineer on radar and television equipment and spent nine years as a Civil Service technical manager. During 40 broadcasts, entitled Paranormal is Normal; he spoke to many interesting people who explained the psychic side of life. Upon taking early retirement in 1985, Richard also took up beekeeping.

In 2009, Richard published Sublimity, a book about trance with a section on telepathy. With unresolved issues on this subject, as well as realising current theories of DNA to be false, he began writing Making Sense of Life. In this latest edition, Richard reviews the evidence and theories on: DNA, inheritance, the paranormal, evolution, and that greatest mystery of all – reincarnation.