Luck – Chris Coppel


Luck is the riveting and darkly comical new thriller from author Chris Coppel. As a boy with powers that defy the laws of nature grows into a man capable of manipulating the world, will Daniel Trapp use his good fortune as a means of redemption or as a force for destruction?


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Daniel has always been lucky…

Daniel has been lucky from day zero. Surviving the car cash that made him an orphan whilst still nestled within his mother’s womb, he is branded a miracle.

But when the sister of his diseased mother adopts Daniel, it soon becomes apparent that all is not quite right with the child; something strange and sinister lies beneath that sweet façade. He sees something others don’t – he can do things they would never believe possible…

‘People who were good for him had a blue fog surrounding them. People who were not, had a red fog…When he first saw Christy, she had had no colour at all. Then she grabbed him out of his bed which he didn’t like. Her fog turned red.’

In his transition from boyhood to manhood, Daniel learns to channel his psychokinetic abilities, setting his sights on the political stage – but will his fog register as blue or red? And will this next venture spell his unravelling?

In the same vein as Stephen King, Chris Coppel harnesses a looming sense of unease that is offset by his wry and darkly humorous pop-culture references.

Luck is an addicting tale of supreme wit, satire, and uncanny parallels which demonstrates the necessity of caution in a world succumbed to the powers that be.

Reviews for Luck

“‘Luck,’ the latest offering from L.A.-based author Chris Coppel, is a tight, thoughtful piece of satire that takes aim at the continued absurdity of our current hyper-charged political climate. […] Coppel has succeeded in weaving just enough mythology into his narrative to give the whole thing a sense of ‘timeless’ buoyancy that is sure to resonate for years to come—unless, of course, the apocalypse is already upon us, in which case this is essentially an eerily-apt prophecy masquerading as a politically-charged novel.
From the brilliant cast of flawed characters to the satisfying conclusion (of course, mileage may vary depending on your political leanings), ‘Luck’ is just the sort of story we need at this unprecedented time in history.”

“[…] A richly layered and textured story of one man’s quest for acceptance. Coppel is a masterful storyteller whose unique skill resides in how he steers this inventive tale to a supremely engaging and satisfying conclusion.”

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About the book

Pages: 334
Price: £9.99 (Paperback), £3.99 (eBook)
ISBN: 9781800460003

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Author Bio

Chris Coppel has taught advanced screenwriting at U.C.L.A. He is the writer of several screenplays and three novels; the majority of which lean into the realm of horror.

This was a trend influenced by the work of his late father, who authored a number of successful plays, films and novels throughout his career, which included co-writing for Alfred Hitchcock’s dizzying 1958 feature: Vertigo.

Chris was born in California. He spent much of his adolescence touring Spain, France and Switzerland with his family. He has since settled in the UK – the place he has called home ever since.