Love, Lust & Lies – J. Bruce Sofia


A powerful pocket-sized book about how sex lies in some cases and tells the truth in others.  

How does one know when sex is telling the truth?

Love Lust Lies

Lust or love, which is it?  Sitcoms, pop stars, movies, online porn sites and much of Hollywood want us to believe that true love and lasting relationships are a thing of the past found only in old movies and romance novels.  Has today’s society bought ‘the lie’?

Check out the stats that can be found within the pages of this book.  It’s alarming.  Personal lives are deeply wounded, marriages broken, children, young people, and single adults of all ages are reeling and confused – wandering down a bewildering path of relational destruction.  So, what is the answer?

In Love, Lust & Lies, Dr. J. Bruce Sofia masterfully exposes the sexual lie that is debasing our culture, while boldly revealing the truths that form vibrant and lasting relationships.

In doing so, Dr, Sofia addresses such vital and life-infusing issues as:

  • Booze, unbridled conversation & sex
  • Sexual gratification – the stats
  • Arranged marriages
  • The two great commandments for marriage
  • Physical attraction
  • But we’re already having sex!
  • Fornication
  • Relationships that last
  • And more

A must read for single adults of all ages, as well as teenagers and parents who don’t want to see their children or themselves become another statistic, Love, Lust & Lies intriguingly wrestles with what truly makes for deeper, meaningful and lasting relationships.

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About the Author

J Bruce Sofia

The Reverend Dr. J. Bruce Sofia, graduate of Washington Township High School, holds an Associate of Arts degree from Southern Pilgrim College where he was named “Student of the Year,” a B.S. from Appalachian State University, and a Masters in Art Education from Rowan University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Founder and Senior Pastor of the Gloucester County Community Church in Sewell, NJ, Bruce received his ordination from the Evangelical Church Alliance in 1981, and a Doctor of Divinity from the California Graduate School of Theology in 1992.

Gloucester County Community Church commenced in July of 1982 with the purpose of meeting the needs of people from the spiritual to the physical, from worship to entertainment as the Lord so provides and directs. He felt “the call” to return to “where he was raised” to provide an interdenominational, Bible believing, evangelistic church. The handful of people who met on that commencing Sunday has now grown to thousands.

Dr. Sofia can be heard locally and internationally on Changed By The Word (CBTW.org), a 30-minute radio-teaching broadcast, airing Monday – Friday in over 70 countries and seen on a variety of local TV stations throughout the USA.

Love, Lust & Lies is the third book in Dr. Sofia’s Hijacked Life—Rescue Your Dream series. It is his prayer that this, and other subsequent books, will reach the world with the message of “hope” that can only come through the comforting and embracing arms of our Savior.

Bruce is married to his lovely wife, Sheryl; they have two adult children, Joel and Noelle, and five “perfect” grandchildren. Much to the dismay of the pastoral staff and congregation, Pastor Bruce is a die-hard New Jersey Devils fan. Keep him in prayer for this obvious character flaw

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Praise for When Divorce is Right

“Pastor Bruce’s biblical based insight is very practical to enure loving longevity; but clearly defines three circumstances when it may be best to end the marriage. I enjoyed all the real relationship stories he shared ; with just a flare drama.The reality of lifes curve balls plague even the best of relationships. This book will shine the light of God’s perpspective as you navigate your way to a decision.” – Tonya Holly

“Whether you’re married, getting married, single, divorced, or going through a divorce, this book is one of wisdom, direction, and most of all, healing. Dr. Sofia graciously takes us on a journey, bringing about hope with the stories that he shares throughout his ministry. “When Divorce is Right” is So Encouraging, and you’re sure to find healing in this book. This is one of The Best books I’ve read!” – Liz A

Praise for Hope Beyond Suicide

“Many thanks to Pastor Bruce for this great tool that helps to equip the saints to offer hope to tender, young, broken hearts.” – Robert Barber

“Having experienced this tragedy on a personal level I found an immense amount of comfort and answers to questions I didn’t even realize I had. From beginning to end, the words warmed my soul and brought about a new hope where once there were only questions and doubts.” – TG

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