Lost Identity and Identity Found – the first 2 books in an exciting trilogy by Ray Green


Author pitches new psychological series to perfection.

Ray Green has found the winning formula in his original psychological series, The Identity Thrillers, balancing high-octane tension, unpredictable twists and puzzling intrigue in two absorbing books, Lost Identity and Identity Found.

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English research scientist, Stephen Lewis, wakes up dazed and confused from a coma in a Miami hospital bed. He recalls nothing about his head injury, how he came to be there and who he even is: Who was he? Why was he in Miami? Why would anyone want to attack him? His head swirled with a tangled maelstrom of disconnected thoughts. But none of it made any sense.”

Is Stephen the victim of a terrible accident or are there other dangerous factors at play? As fragments of his memory return, Stephen is shocked to find that even those closest to him seem not to know him. And when another man turns up, claiming to be the real Stephen Lewis, he begins to doubt his own sanity. Desperate to learn the truth, Stephen is unwittingly drawn into a murky web of drug trafficking and murder. At its heart lies a terrifying conspiracy and a secret so appalling that, even if he survives, he knows his life can never be the same again.

Lost Identity is a compulsive read, superbly written with a stylish plot. The author’s first book in his series also brilliantly introduces its key characters, the likeable detective duo, Stephen and Carla, paving the way for the tense and equally gripping sequel, Identity Found.

With their relationship now established, Identity Found follows Stephen and Carla’s quieter life in Canada under false identities, which doesn’t last long. When a young journalist is mysteriously murdered, Stephen recognises that the killing has all the hallmarks of one of the world’s most highly-paid and notorious assassins. Why should this man, who can command a fee of millions of dollars for a single hit, be hired for such a seemingly insignificant contract? With the police slow off the mark, Stephen suspects the dead journalist has been deliberately silenced for investigating something huge. Convinced another terrible plot is about to unravel, putting other lives are at stake, Stephen and Carla begin to investigate and, once again, find themselves caught in a battle for truth and a tense fight for survival.

Enjoyed independently or in sequence, Lost Identity and Identity Found are steeped in suspense with unexpected twists and compelling narratives. Both books in this acclaimed series will appeal to readers drawn to unique crime novels, psychological thrillers and dark fiction.

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Both books are available to order from Amazon:

Lost Identity
Pages: 260
Price: £9.99 (Paperback); £2.99 (Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978-1-9999406-0-7
Publisher: Mainsail Books (2017)

Identity Found
Pages: 234
Price: £9.99 (Paperback); £2.99 (Kindle Edition)
ISBN: 978-1-9999406-2-1
Publisher: Mainsail Books (2019)


“Ray Green is on another level of storytelling. If you are looking for a new psychological thriller to dig your teeth into, then ‘The Identity Thrillers’ is the series for you.” – The New York Journal

“A tense psychological thriller that you do not want to miss out on.”Chicago Tribune

“The ‘Identity Thrillers’ by Ray Green are simply gripping and filled with raw emotion that will sweep you away into late night hours…”London TV

About the Author

Ray Green is married with two daughters and lives, for most of the time, in West Sussex, England, though he also has a second home in Spain, where he does much of his writing.

Ray graduated from Southampton University with a BSc (Hons) in Physics and then went on to a career spanning some 30 years in the electronics manufacturing industry. For much of that time he was operating at Director or Managing Director level in several different companies and so he is well qualified to give an insight into the world of business with all its corporate politics and intrigue.

Ray’s successful business career culminated in a part management buyout of his last company. It was an incredibly tortuous process, and the experience provided the inspiration for his first novel, Buyout. The ‘Roy Groves Thriller’ series continues with Payback and Chinese Whispers, books which explore the dark worlds of deceit, corruption, and criminality, which are perhaps more prevalent than you might imagine in big business. The series concludes with the fourth book, Horizontal Living, in which the main protagonist, Roy Groves, retires from the turbulent world of business to an expat community in Spain’s Costa del Sol. The shenanigans which ensue make for a darkly comic thriller.

Ray’s fifth and sixth books, Lost Identity, and Identity Found are the first two in a new series: ‘The Identity Thrillers’ trilogy. This series marks a departure from his writing about the corporate world. These books are gripping psychological thrillers set in the murky world of drug trafficking and murder.