As Long As She Lives by @DarcyConroy


“…give everyone a different part of your story, then the gossip will be all about putting your story together, not questioning it.” – Darcy Conroy

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After 4 years teaching in central Africa, Caitlyn Lancaster returns to her family in Australia, telling them she’s been sent home because of looming political unrest. But Cait is more fragile than she and her Federal police handler anticipated. She’s forced to accept that childhood family friend, now police detective, Riley Duncan must be told the brutal truth if she is to keep herself and her family safe.
With Riley’s support, Cait begins to recover her strength but civil war erupts around her friends in Umoja and her harrowing secret becomes the key to that nation’s future.
Putting her faith in her handler, Cait takes the ultimate risk only to discover that Agent Koffa has failed to take into account one vital detail…he’s not as good at his job as he thinks he is.

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Darcy’s first career was spent turning some of Australia’s best loved novels and non-fiction into audio books. Now she begins a second career writing her own stories about curious, compassionate women who get themselves into trouble and find their own way out.

Born in Philadelphia, USA, and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Darcy has been travelling since she was 10 months old and sometimes wonders if she’s most at home as a stranger settling into a new city. She’s lived in various cities in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand (if 2 blissful months escaping the Japanese Summer counts as having lived there.) At the time of publication she is enjoying being home in Melbourne but misses Japan every day and would happily spend the rest of her life living there (in a smaller city like Nagoya) if she could.

Contact us to obtain an exclusive copy of the book for review by clicking here.